Friday, May 3, 2013

Pop, pop, Poppy!

A young female doggie abandoned in the street when going into heat... Meet little Poppy and her story.

She appeared some nights ago in my neighborhood, looking lost and worried. She would try to follow each human being passing by, most likely looking for her owner... The one that dumped her in the street. She also appeared especially cautious at all males flooding her with attention.

That's how we figured out she was in heat. She got sterilized right away, an emergency sterilization part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. But because she is so little and not used to the tough street life, we simply could not put her back in the streets. We are particularly sensitive to such cases of dogs previously owned and unaccustomed to fend for themselves. So Poppy remained at the vet clinic in paid pension, where she is safe, well cared for, and getting plenty of socialization from the lovely vets.

And then the world turned around for Poppy and smiled back at her! Friend Lisa managed to find Poppy a great home in England. So in a couple of weeks, Poppy begins her journey to her new home, this time the forever home she so rightfully deserves for the good girl she is.

For now, Poppy needs a godmother to help us cover the cost of her stay at the vet pension. It costs us 10.5 euro per day. Could you please consider being a godmother for little Poppy? Very soon we'll be able to move Poppy into one of our foster courtyards, but until we make room for her, Poppy needs to stay in the safety of the vet clinic.

Alternatively, bank account information is listed on the right side of this blog.
Please mention that your donation is your gift to Poppy.

Poppy says hi and thanks!

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