Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 29

On April 24th we drove the FPCC van around Ploiesti to collect 19 more animals (13 dogs and 6 cats) to be sterilized for free part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Here they are!

 Bogdan and some of the cats from the lady from this story

 On their way to the clinic!

 Us gently catching by hand strays for sterilization

 And then in the van they go!

 On their way to the clinic, 19 more animals to be sterilized for free

 At the FPCC clinic, waiting to be sterilized

A female dog getting sterilized, no more puppies born to suffer!

The next day, we returned the 19 animals back to their carers or into their territories:

 As you can see, the cats are grateful to Toni, a big supporter of cat sterilizations!

 Doggies waiting to be returned

 About to be returned to her carer

Happy to be back into her territory

That was our Day 29 of sterilizations in pictures. The incredible people and organizations that made this day possible are: Dog's Wish NL, Toni the beloved friend of cats, Gaby, Margot, Silvia C, Caroline, BrittMarie, Samsur, Andra and Jose. Big or small, all donations matter so much. Each single sterilization day makes tremendous difference. On the long run, it can  make a dream come true: a world with no more suffering strays.

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