Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 27

On April 8th 2013 we held Day 27 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, directly at the FPCC vet clinic. A total of 19 females got sterilized on Day 27, of which 13 dogs and 6 cats.

Here's Day 27 in pictures!

 Two females, waiting to be sterilized; the one on the right looks heartbreakingly like Tilda...

 More females waiting to be sterilized; little Fox Terrier on left had dangerous pyometra, so Day 27 saved her life

 Cute, friendly dogs that won't get to multiply anymore

 Vet Gabi Bratu doing a marvelous job on each and every sterilization surgery

 And some cats

 Because no more kitten should be born to a life of suffering

A small female dog recovering post surgery in the arms of a volunteer

The 19 ladies that won't get to multiply anymore (plus whose lives were saved today) are super grateful to the organization HondenBrokkenMakers which made Day 27 of sterilizations possible.

With this occasion I'd also like to express my gratitude to Claudia H. who donated for the 2 emergency sterilizations performed earlier in the month, on April 5th and April 6th. 

Many thanks to the many wonderful, intelligent, rational, responsible, thoughtful people and organizations that have given wings to our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. This part of Romania will never be the same, the lives of hundreds of animals were touched, and thousands more pups and kitten have not been born anymore to a short life of suffering. What you have helped us do is very precious and special! Please, keep us going!