Tuesday, May 7, 2013

March 2013 report

After Tilda's abusive and questionable pts, I have gone for weeks like a car on a flat tire... I am shamefully behind with updating the blog about our work in the last couple of months. While the pain inflicted is still there, and we wait for justice to be brought to Tilda, it's time to move on, and focus on the good things that have happened. It's high time to write about our achievements in March.

In March my dream was fulfilled, we managed to sterilize over 100 animals over the course of one month. More precisely, we could sterilize a total of 105 needy animals! The lovely people and organizations that made this possible are: K-9 Angels and Jean O'Donnell, a wonderful anonymous donor, Dog's Wish, Simona, Vlad, Belinda, Christina, Jean, Joanna, Silvia K, Hillegonda, Eileen Ann, Mandy, Silvia B, Ritva, Antina, Emilia, Mariel, Ulrike, Toni, Nicoleta, Zoe and her Onbe, Jane and her Quido.

We could also buy 180 kilos of dry dog food for the dogs and pups in our care. This was made possible by: Jeffrey, J.H.J. van Schijndel and Simona. Many thanks!

We provided dozens of vaccines for needy dogs and pups, plus much needed vet treatment and paid pension at a vet clinic for ill little pups. The ones that saved our lives, who helped towards some huge vet expenses are: Timmy and Hondenbench.be, Yuen (twice!), Mildred and her lovely Saartje, Erna and HondenBrokkenMakers. When the going got tough, we used our last backup, the lovely Christmas gift from Dorien, Tini and Corry. Very many thanks!

That was our March. A very productive month full of hard work. Days later, our heart was savagely pulled out of our chest, thrown to the ground and stepped on with Tilda's abusive death in Sweden... But life moves on. It has to.

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