Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter Bunny, we beg for a microchip reader!

Today we celebrate Orthodox Easter. A most important time of the year to us, a time to do our part towards making this world a better place. A time to be compassionate, forgiving, and simply better people. A time for joy and appreciation for what we have been given.

While we celebrate Easter in a deep, non-commercial way, we dare ask the Easter Bunny for help this year... As our organization is growing, we are in big need of a microchip reader for the dogs in our care. We would very much need an affordable but reliable microchip like the one found at this link. Such a microchip reader costs 108 euro, and every bit donated towards this microchip reader would be super appreciated. Alternatively, we'd be super happy with a donated microchip reader, not necessarily new, but still functional.

We have had problems lately with 2 faulty microchips from a batch of 10 that got deactivated after implantation by a highly experienced vet... It never happened before with previous batches of microchips. With rescued doggies traveling to their forever homes abroad it can be a disaster if the microchip gets deactivated. For them, we kindly ask for your help towards a microchip reader. So we can double and triple check that the microchip works properly before a dog is due to go to the forever home it so rightfully deserves; safe and sound and risk-free.

Very many thanks!
Alternate payment methods are listed on the right side of this blog.
Please mention "microchip reader" when making your donation. The doggies going to their forever homes abroad will much appreciate your thoughtful gift!

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