Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dolly, one extra special sweetheart

Dolly is a young adult female of 4.4 kilos. She was found in the streets of Ploiesti and taken in for free sterilization. During surgery, judging by the state of her uterus, the vet concluded the little girl had given birth within the previous week- but she had no lactation. Something must have happened with her puppies...

While in recovery at the vet clinic, we noticed Dolly was suffering from parainfluenza. So she had to stay at the clinic for a few more days on treatment.

Dolly diagnosed with parainfluenza and being on treatment at the vet

The lovely vets have provided her with great care, plus a much needed bath, and little Dolly has flourished at the vet pension! She is already feeling much better, and being everyone's sweetheart.

 Silky smooth hair, a great temperament, great with other dogs, cats, people, make Dolly an extra special sweetheart

Dolly is still at the vet on treatment. Her daily accommodation and treatment cost about 14 euro. Would you like to be Dolly's godmother and help her with her veterinary costs?

Going further, when she gets fully healthy, little sweetheart would also love to go to a wonderful forever home. So far, she has been a no-issue dog, simply a star! And only God knows what she has been through up to this moment... Yet still managing to be so incredibly good and happy.

Better than words, here's Dolly in videos:

So... Would you like to be Dolly's godmother? Even give her that wonderful forever home?

Many thanks!
Alternatively, bank account information is listed on the right side of this blog.

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