Wednesday, May 29, 2013

April 2013 report

Finally found time to write the summary of RSDP's work in April. Another ambitious and productive month for our organization!
  • Sterilizations. The core of our work consists of free sterilizations for homeless and owned companion animals in order to prevent subsequent abandonment and suffering. In April we could provide a total of 71 sterilizations for companion animals of Ploiesti and surroundings. The ones who made these 71 sterilizations possible are: HondenBrokkenMakers, Dog's Wish NL, Claudia H, Ulrike, Toni, Vivi Ann, Claudia K, Beverly, Satu, Christina, Zoe, Maureen, Lin, Angela, Silvia K, Gaby, Margot, Silvia C, Caroline, BrittMarie, Samsur, Andra, Jose, Imko, Irene, Kathi, Paola, Edurne, Radana, Pat, Jeanne, Deborah, Barbel, Linda, Drahomira, Aurelia, Dorothy, and Kelly. April was marked by many donations towards sterilizations from people who donated as little as the cost of one coffee in order to help needy animals. To all of you, many thanks! Thank you for caring!
  • Veterinary needs. In April we cared for one puppy in appalling condition, sweet Gia. For her, it was a long way to come around. But the way Gia has thrived and flourished is absolutely breathtaking. Thank you dearly, HondenBrokkenMakers, for covering her vet expenses and for giving her the chance to be the happy and healthy dog she is today in Holland! In April we also needed to provide vet care and accommodation at the vet clinic for ill dogs like Dolly; provide dozens of vaccines for the many pups in our care; pay for treatment for mange for several dogs; and buy vitamins and calcium supplements, tick and flea treatment for dozens of dogs and pups. Our thanks go to Claudia V., Mariel, Donna and BrittMarie for helping towards these expenses!
  • Dog food. In April we purchased a whooping 290 kilos dry dog food plus many cans of wet food for the stray dogs and pups we're looking after. Very many thanks to HondenBrokkenMakers, Ingela, Heather from Pure Puppy Inc, and Gabriele. Our doggies with their bellies full are very thankful to you!
Thank you all for helping RSDP help more needy animals in April!

 Lucky Gia says hi and thanks y'all!

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