Monday, May 6, 2013

A May full of dreams and hopes for our dear Ploiesti strays

After celebrating our Orthodox Easter we are ready to push the acceleration pedal again to help the Romanian strays from Ploiesti. In a Romanian city with estimates of up to 8,000 strays, it really is a must that we tirelessly work to help these animals, and especially prevent more births of innocent pups and kitten born to suffer.

For May we are full of dreams and hopes. Allow us to share with you our vision for this month:
  • Sterilizations. We always need your support towards sterilizing more needy animals. With such severe stray overpopulation, sterilizations are sorely needed. Both for female dogs and cats, both for stray and owned animals. One sterilization costs 21 euro and it really has far reaching implications on the long run. 
    • In January-April 2013 we could provide thus far 319 sterilizations.
    • For May we wish to provide at least 81 sterilizations, so for January-May 2013 we will have reached 400 sterilizations!
    • Of the goal of 81 sterilizations, we wish to sterilize 21 cats and 60 female dogs. Since the request for cat sterilizations is getting bigger and bigger, it was a must for us to start including the cats in our target. 
  • Education. This month we plan to focus on our Educational Program in schools, to talk to school children about humane and responsible animal treatment. We will be using educational brochures from Romania Animal Rescue.
  • Veterinary needs. As always, we are flooded with animals with medical needs. Dolly is one such special case needing veterinary assistance this month.
 Dolly is one of the dogs needing veterinary assistance this month
  • Dog food. As for every month, we'll need help towards dog food. We use at least 200 kilos of dog food per month for the stray dogs we're looking after. One 10-kilo bag of dry dog food costs us 6 euro. 
  • Wish list. This month we wish for a microchip reader. Due to past problems with dogs micro-chipped with faulty microchips, we realize the need to have one for our organization. Please read about why we need this microchip reader at this link. We found online an affordable and reliable microchip reader for 108 euro. Either a donated reader or donations towards buying one would be super appreciated.
  • Fostering and adoptions. We always need help with fostering. Fostering really saves lives, and it's such a rewarding experience to help a good-natured needy doggie make the transition to its forever home; to help one dog change its life forever for the better. We also would appreciate promoting our dogs for adoption. You never know who might fall in love with one of our adoptable strays found at this link.
May this be a good May!

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Many thanks!

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