Friday, May 31, 2013

A different kind of summer experience!

Care to do something different this summer? How about helping Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti? We always need an extra helping hand, and this may also be that cool opportunity to visit this part of Eastern Europe!

So where is Ploiesti anyway?

Ploiesti is a city in Prahova County, Romania, Eastern Europe. Very near Bucharest, the Romanian capital, and the 2 main airports Henri Coanda-Otopeni and Baneasa

And how could you help us? This is what we would need help with:
  • At the Puppy Center: clean up the kennels; socialize the puppies; basic train the puppies; teach puppies leash walk.
  • In the streets: scout for dogs that need to be sterilized; feed dogs; take photos; give flyers and info about our free sterilization campaign, the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge.
  • During spay days part of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge: attend the van and help with catching the dogs; later attend the sterilization day at the vet clinic if you wish; help the vet team with any assistance they might need; help with returning and feeding the sterilized dogs.
Care for a visit? Want to do something different this summer for the holiday? Just a thought! We always need a bit of help. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The first calendar with our beautiful former Ploiesti strays

I am happy to present a sneak preview of the first calendar (for 2014) with some of our lovely Ploiesti strays. Most of these lovely dogs are now happy rescues in wonderful forever homes. The pics were taken and the calendar was made by friends from the Dutch organization Dog's Wish NL. All profits from selling these beautiful desk calendars will go straight to the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Each calendar sold will contribute towards more sterilizations of needy companion animals from Ploiesti, Romania. The greatest act of love is to prevent more future suffering of innocent unwanted animals.

Beautiful, lucky dogs, lovely pictures to uplift your spirit, and profits going towards a noble and responsible cause. That's our RSDP calendar for 2014!

Stay tuned for more info about how to order one (or more) of these beautiful calendars!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

April 2013 report

Finally found time to write the summary of RSDP's work in April. Another ambitious and productive month for our organization!
  • Sterilizations. The core of our work consists of free sterilizations for homeless and owned companion animals in order to prevent subsequent abandonment and suffering. In April we could provide a total of 71 sterilizations for companion animals of Ploiesti and surroundings. The ones who made these 71 sterilizations possible are: HondenBrokkenMakers, Dog's Wish NL, Claudia H, Ulrike, Toni, Vivi Ann, Claudia K, Beverly, Satu, Christina, Zoe, Maureen, Lin, Angela, Silvia K, Gaby, Margot, Silvia C, Caroline, BrittMarie, Samsur, Andra, Jose, Imko, Irene, Kathi, Paola, Edurne, Radana, Pat, Jeanne, Deborah, Barbel, Linda, Drahomira, Aurelia, Dorothy, and Kelly. April was marked by many donations towards sterilizations from people who donated as little as the cost of one coffee in order to help needy animals. To all of you, many thanks! Thank you for caring!
  • Veterinary needs. In April we cared for one puppy in appalling condition, sweet Gia. For her, it was a long way to come around. But the way Gia has thrived and flourished is absolutely breathtaking. Thank you dearly, HondenBrokkenMakers, for covering her vet expenses and for giving her the chance to be the happy and healthy dog she is today in Holland! In April we also needed to provide vet care and accommodation at the vet clinic for ill dogs like Dolly; provide dozens of vaccines for the many pups in our care; pay for treatment for mange for several dogs; and buy vitamins and calcium supplements, tick and flea treatment for dozens of dogs and pups. Our thanks go to Claudia V., Mariel, Donna and BrittMarie for helping towards these expenses!
  • Dog food. In April we purchased a whooping 290 kilos dry dog food plus many cans of wet food for the stray dogs and pups we're looking after. Very many thanks to HondenBrokkenMakers, Ingela, Heather from Pure Puppy Inc, and Gabriele. Our doggies with their bellies full are very thankful to you!
Thank you all for helping RSDP help more needy animals in April!

 Lucky Gia says hi and thanks y'all!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Dolly update

Remember Dolly, the sweet stray female sterilized by us that needed a few extra days in post recovery care at the vet clinic as she was suffering from parainfluenza? Turns out her prolonged stay at the vet clinic was her luck! The little doggie captured the heart of one of our vets who cared for her. Dolly is brilliant with the vet's 3 year old daughter, and is a star on children's playground. A super friendly, calm, easy doggie that has become in no time everyone's darling. One more rescued doggie getting a lovely home, many little children happy when Dolly comes to the playground with her little owner.

A wee rescue doggie from the streets of Ploiesti, now children's favorite on the playground; showing kids how sweet and lovable former stray dogs can be

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sterilizing strays is an act of greatest love

Dear friend of animals,

I invite you to watch this short video about a typical day of sterilizations provided by RSDP for the homeless and owned companion animals of Ploiesti, Romania. The video was created by friends from Dogs's Wish NL:

Ploiesti is a Romanian city with estimates of up to 8,000 strays living in reduced welfare conditions. Even worse, stray animal numbers are continuously replenished with newly abandoned dogs and pups. But we are here to help cut down the numbers humanely through our ongoing sterilization campaign, the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Because sterilizing them in order to prevent more unhappy souls from being born to a life of suffering is an act of greatest love.

I invite you to become part of RSDP's dream of a world with no more suffering strays. We work towards the day when no more pups would be born to suffer in the streets of Ploiesti, Romania. But we need your help to make this happen.

Be part of this dream, take part in the solution! One sterilization only costs 21 euro, and on the long run prevents so much unnecessary suffering!

PayPal and contact: Alternate donation options can be found on the right side of this blog.

With deepest gratitude,
¬The RSDP team and 8,000 Romanian strays

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The story for your heart

I still don't quite know how to write about Gia. All I know is that she made me fall in love again, in a time when I did not think that was possible anymore. A puppy that touched every string of my heart. So fragile yet unbelievably powerful, a puppy that beat the odds every single time. The most breathtaking and heart warming survivor. Meet Gia.

Months ago, I was writing about a severe case of neglect of some owned puppies... How we found Gia (left) and her brothers (middle and right) after 3 of their siblings had already been killed in traffic due to their terribly irresponsible owners:

Leaving aside that 3 of the pups had already died due to owners' irresponsibility, the surviving pups were also severely malnourished, and female puppy Gia also appeared to have problems walking after having been victim of a car accident herself... This case came at a super bad time for us, as we were already overcrowded plus dealing with puppies in quarantine due to puppy diseases... Fortunately, these 3 pups' luck turned around completely when the Dutch organization HondenBrokkenMakers offered to help them with vet costs and also with finding them good responsible forever homes. They had suffered and endured already so much, at such young age, they really deserved a bright future ahead!

The female pup Gia was really in shambles... Off she went to the vet clinic where she stayed for over 3 weeks. An x-ray showed she had a broken pelvis... An ultrasound showed one of her kidneys had also been damaged during the car accident... And then she had the most severe calcium deficit I had ever seen in a puppy... Could she make it? And more importantly, could she become well enough for her to have a good quality of life in the future? Here is her evolution in pics and videos:

 Gia, a puppy in shambles when she came into our care... Physically she was a mess... Emotionally she was inert, no reaction to anything, no joy, nothing... A broken spirit. I imagine now in how much pain she must have been back then, with a broken pelvis

 Gia, getting started on right diet and supplements at the vet clinic, plus about to start investigations

 Gia, going through 2 surgeries at the vet: first one to try to fix a damaged kidney, which was unsuccessful... And a second surgery to have her damaged kidney removed.  During the second surgery the vet also found and removed pebbles from her intestines, pebbles that were making it hard for her to poop, pebbles she had most likely ingested due to extreme hunger while staying at her former owners...

Gia and I, bonding... During those weeks we were the happiest together

After weeks spent at the vet, Gia's first day at the Puppy Center!

 Splendor in the grass, the most loving, humanized puppy I have ever met

 Gia's eyes would look straight into my heart

 The inert puppy in shambles became in time such a happy loving little lady
 Despite all she had been through... Or possibly precisely because of all that she had been through... Gia became a super humanized, loving puppy. I could hold her like this forever. Me and my baby Gia

When the time was right, when Gia was well and strong enough, it was time to let her go to a better life, to something better than I could have offered her here. Gia flew with friends to Holland and she went into foster with friend Leny from HondenBrokkenMakers

 Gia, now Gina, in the arms of her foster dad in Holland. And her loving eyes able to look straight into your heart

And starting today, Gina is happily adopted! By the greatest family: her foster family! Let's see what Leny, her foster mom, wrote this morning:

"My husband said, honey, I need to talk to you ....... I was shocked, he looked so serious. He said: I've fallen in love with another woman. I was not going, I never wanted, you know that. But she looked at me with that sad look in her eyes and blew me completely over. I took her in my arms and wanted only one thing: take care of her, forever. Of course his new love a fresh green leaf, you know that, huh, after 32 years of marriage ....

I hit my arms around my sweet husband back and replied:
Of course dear, of course we adopt GINA! Our little girl, so fragile and yet so strong ...
Less than six months old, with her three-quarter tail, one kidney, her crooked pelvis and her legs sagged. We still have a long way to go before she is fully fit and healthy, but ... I'm so glad we have failed our foster diploma ...!

I had originally called her Gia because of her fragile appearance, like a model's. But Gia showed me there was way more than met the eye. She's been through hell and back, and she came back triumphant, happy and loving. Extreme neglect during the first weeks of her life, the car accident that did so much damage, then 2 big surgeries for such a little frail puppy. She made it each and every single time.

She has touched the lives of all the people that met her. One vet technician recounted Gia waking up after her first surgery and immediately starting to lick the hands of the people handling her. First thing she did upon waking up from a fairly invasive surgery. A super mighty spirit, the little girl that could. I do believe her strong spirit shone through; this is why Gia is fine today, body and spirit.

As for me, after so many rescued animals, I could not think it would be possible for me to ever fall in love again. I love all animals, I love all my rescues, but I only allow them into my heart up to a certain level, knowing they will stay with me only temporarily. But Gia... I never imagined my heart could still fall in love so deeply and completely with a rescue puppy.

Gia is in my heart forever. She has touched every string of my heart. On the airport, on the day of her departure, I allowed myself to shed a few repressed tears, but only for a few seconds. Because I knew without a doubt that she'd go to the best place possible for her, where she'd be greatly loved and taken care of. Every bit of my intuition told me this was for the best.

A fighter and a survivor, a strong spirit that could heal a broken body. After all she's been through, so happy and full of love. Simply, Gia

More short spay days in April

On April 26th we held one short spay day at the FPCC vet clinic. A total of 5 females (2 dogs and 3 cats) got sterilized:

This little white dog was found in the streets that very morning. By the state of her uterus, the vet said she had given birth within the previous week. But she had no lactation, no breasts, nothing... And she was found all alone, in terrible condition. So possibly her pups died, or she was separated from her pups soon after birth... But keep her in mind, we named her Dolly and she had a happy ending story!

 Bogdan holding another street female sterilized on April 26th 

Female cats have become well integrated in our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Pups or kitten, no more innocent souls should keep on being born to a life of suffering

The 5 sterilizations from April 26th were kindly supported by: Imko, Irene, Kathi, Paola, Edurne, Radana, Pat, Jeanne, Deborah and Barbel. Thank you all for donating towards sterilizations of needy homeless animals.

Later, on April 30th, we had 3 more females sterilized (1 dog and 2 cats) at the vet clinic in town, courtesy of Linda, Drahomira, Aurelia, Dorothy and Kelly. This short spay day concluded our sterilizations for April.

April was marked by many donations towards sterilizations from people who donated the cost of one coffee in order to help needy animals. To all of you, many thanks! Lots of people coming together and giving as little as 2 euro, but together making one big difference for many animals- that has always been the spirit of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 29

On April 24th we drove the FPCC van around Ploiesti to collect 19 more animals (13 dogs and 6 cats) to be sterilized for free part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Here they are!

 Bogdan and some of the cats from the lady from this story

 On their way to the clinic!

 Us gently catching by hand strays for sterilization

 And then in the van they go!

 On their way to the clinic, 19 more animals to be sterilized for free

 At the FPCC clinic, waiting to be sterilized

A female dog getting sterilized, no more puppies born to suffer!

The next day, we returned the 19 animals back to their carers or into their territories:

 As you can see, the cats are grateful to Toni, a big supporter of cat sterilizations!

 Doggies waiting to be returned

 About to be returned to her carer

Happy to be back into her territory

That was our Day 29 of sterilizations in pictures. The incredible people and organizations that made this day possible are: Dog's Wish NL, Toni the beloved friend of cats, Gaby, Margot, Silvia C, Caroline, BrittMarie, Samsur, Andra and Jose. Big or small, all donations matter so much. Each single sterilization day makes tremendous difference. On the long run, it can  make a dream come true: a world with no more suffering strays.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Ploiesti Neutering Challenge and emergency sterilizations

In the last few months we have started collaborating for sterilizations with another local veterinary clinic in Ploiesti, in addition to the FPCC vet team which covers our large sterilization days. At this new local vet clinic we strive to cover especially the emergency sterilization surgeries needed asap.

Meet the animals sterilized at this vet clinic over the course of one week:

Recently abandoned in the streets of Ploiesti, found already pregnant; sterilized on April 17th

Forefront: little abandoned female in heat; she was adopted locally, and we also sterilized the doggie in the back, the adopter's old dog; so two more sterilizations on April 19th

Poppy, found in the streets in heat; sterilized on April 22nd

Two more emergency sterilizations on April 23rd; the elderly owner of these 2 dogs got too sick to be able to care for them; we had both dogs sterilized, we managed to rehome locally one of the dogs, and are about to rehome locally the second dog as well

We realize sometimes it really is a must to be able to sterilize animals asap, and not have to wait until we have enough donations for a full sterilization day. For the animals in heat harassed by males, for pregnant animals, being able to sterilize them asap can make all the difference. 

These 6 emergency sterilizations were kindly made possible by Zoe and her dear Onbe, Maureen, Lin, Angela and Silvia. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift!

Happy Poppy Update!

Remember little Poppy, the tiny young female abandoned in the streets of Ploiesti when going into heat? Good news! Poppy has become a little English lady in the meantime. Now she is happily adopted in England and looking forward to a bright and happy future ahead.

Little Miss Poppy yesterday, resting in her new home after a long journey to the UK

Thank you so very much, Lisa and Zoe, for making this possible for little Poppy!

Poppy was extremely lucky, but like Poppy there are thousands of other needy dogs and pups in the streets of Ploiesti... For timely updates about our most recent rescue cases please follow us on Facebook at this link. You never know, you may simply stumble upon the dream doggie you've been looking for all along!

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 28

On April 15th we held Day 28 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, a day in which we sterilized at the FPCC vet clinic a total of 17 females (7 cats and 10 dogs). Almost all animals were already pregnant. A sorely needed sterilization day.

Spring is a disheartening season in terms of animal welfare; so many pregnant stray animals, so many newly abandoned pregnant dogs, so many abandoned pups. We fight through sterilizations to prevent as much as possible more unhappy souls from being brought into a life of suffering.

Here's Day 28 in pictures:

 Sweet female dogs, most already pregnant, waiting to be sterilized

If I remember correctly, ALL sterilized cats on Day 28 were already pregnant

On Day 28, 17 more females sterilized, dozens more pups and kitten that won't be born anymore in the streets of Ploiesti this spring. Thank you from the heart to the ones who made this sterilization day possible! Many big thanks to: Ulrike (an ongoing donor for 1 year + since the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge started), Toni (a fabulous supporter of cat sterilizations), Vivi Ann, Claudia, Beverly, Satu, Christina, Zoe and her beloved Onbe!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The kindest love towards animals is the rational love

You would not allow your companion animal to go through the most excruciating pain as it gets old and dieing, right? Your great love would dictate you that, when the time comes and the quality of life decreases so much and the pain is so severe, you'd humanely put it to sleep, right? As rational love is the kindest act of love you could give to your beloved sweetheart.

It's the same in a Romanian city like Ploiesti with estimates of up to 8,000 strays living and feeding in the streets, with no vet care, regular feeding times, good quality food, safety. The rational love dictates that we sterilize as many of them as possible, so no more pups would be born to a life of suffering. This is exactly the aim of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, a campaign that has sterilized this year alone 340 animals. We love them so much that we wish to do everything in our power to prevent more suffering.

One sterilization costs us 21 euro. How many litters will not be born to suffer with each and every single sterilization...

We kindly ask you to show your rational love towards our dear Romanian strays and help us prevent more future suffering through sterilizations.

Very many thanks!


Alternate donation methods can be found on the right side of this blog.

PS: Of the litter in the image above, only 2 pups got adopted; the rest were killed in traffic or by adult male dogs patrolling the area... 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Ploiesti Neutering Challenge and cats

Recently we have started to sterilize more and more cats as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. While our priority still represents reducing stray dog numbers humanely through ongoing sterilizations, we realize more and more the need to also help the cats.

Some weeks ago we were contacted by a lady requesting help with sterilizations for an elderly female neighbor of hers, a lady living in an apartment with possibly 20-30 cats... The trouble was that this cat owner did not have her cats sterilized, and she would regularly dump resulting unwanted kitten in front of her apartment complex. In the words of her neighbors, this elderly cat owner is responsible for the stray cat population currently residing in the neighborhood. The neighbors took action and (forcefully) encouraged the elderly cat owner to have her cats sterilized for free through our ongoing sterilization campaign. So no more kitten would end up dumped in the neighborhood.

It's noteworthy to also mention that in the same area, another lady reported having found some days ago the bodies of 2 tortured cats, with their eyes taken out and murdered... Animal cruelty at its finest. Crimes that will not go investigated and punished in present day Romania.

As long as companion animals exist in the streets, whether cats or dogs, they will be vulnerable and exposed to a great deal of suffering. If these animals cannot be guaranteed a safe, decent life, but are instead abandoned in the streets as vulnerable litters, left to fend for themselves, and end up victims of extreme animal abuse... They really should not have been born at all!

We will keep on sterilizing female dogs and cats, homeless or owned. Because no more souls should be born to a life of suffering.

How many female animals will you help us sterilize in order to prevent more suffering litters?

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 27

On April 8th 2013 we held Day 27 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, directly at the FPCC vet clinic. A total of 19 females got sterilized on Day 27, of which 13 dogs and 6 cats.

Here's Day 27 in pictures!

 Two females, waiting to be sterilized; the one on the right looks heartbreakingly like Tilda...

 More females waiting to be sterilized; little Fox Terrier on left had dangerous pyometra, so Day 27 saved her life

 Cute, friendly dogs that won't get to multiply anymore

 Vet Gabi Bratu doing a marvelous job on each and every sterilization surgery

 And some cats

 Because no more kitten should be born to a life of suffering

A small female dog recovering post surgery in the arms of a volunteer

The 19 ladies that won't get to multiply anymore (plus whose lives were saved today) are super grateful to the organization HondenBrokkenMakers which made Day 27 of sterilizations possible.

With this occasion I'd also like to express my gratitude to Claudia H. who donated for the 2 emergency sterilizations performed earlier in the month, on April 5th and April 6th. 

Many thanks to the many wonderful, intelligent, rational, responsible, thoughtful people and organizations that have given wings to our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. This part of Romania will never be the same, the lives of hundreds of animals were touched, and thousands more pups and kitten have not been born anymore to a short life of suffering. What you have helped us do is very precious and special! Please, keep us going!