Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Stand For Tilda

The last 10 days have been very difficult for all the ones that have known and loved Tilda. We're slowly recovering from the shock of her senseless death.

We have started a support group called "We Stand For Tilda" on Facebook that can be accessed at this link.

We have also started a petition to raise signatures for the Swedish Board of Responsibility for Animals' Healthcare to investigate Tilda's abusive pts. You can sign the petition by accessing this link.

Latest updates about the case? The owner and friends tried to go back to Sollentuna Veterinarklinik to retrieve Tilda's medical file (perfectly legal and decent if you ask me) but they were threatened and kicked out instead. They also found out Tilda's body had been incinerated by the clinic, without consent, most likely as means to cover their own tracks. And to show how upside down this world has become, the veterinarian who abusively and unjustifiably euthanized Tilda pressed charges against the poor grieving owner.

But we stand for Tilda firmly. We won't give up until justice is sought. Until we see that day, please join us in lighting virtual candles for Tilda and her memory at this link. She simply is not gone for us. We can rest only when justice is done in her memory.

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