Friday, April 5, 2013

We shall fight for sweet murdered Tilda till the end!

Dear friends,

In the last 24 hours we have received unbelievable support from friends and animal lovers from Sweden, Holland and all over the world. People who care, people who were appalled to read how this girl was abusively and absurdly put to sleep in Sweden.

Below please read and see some of the letters, comments and pictures put together by people who cared about Tilda. None of this is my work, I am simply passing on what other have written and created in memory of Tilda. Her story must be heard!

A friend of Tilda's Swedish owner who knows the story really well wrote this letter:
"Monsters ... how can you work with innocent animals when you do this? ... I would not have the heart to let you take care of a Cockroach ... KILLER .... My friend's little baby was on the orders of the provincial veterinary officer (who had never seen Tilda, but decided this over the phone) acute killed by a veterinarian the same day as they issued a health certificate to Tilda ... My friend asked in vain for a measly period of 24 hours to she could get 50 000SeK it would cost to operate little Tilda ... Shocked and heartbroken, as a victim of torture, she was forced to witness her little baby execution ... it was just a routine visit to the vet but became a nightmare. The friendly vet also told that she did not have to pay for the killing .... but she charged for health certificate!! A health certificate issued by a Swedish veterinarian for a small dog baby they killed because she was too sick to live??? How can that be possible?? Tilda was a happy little princess that my friend imported from Romania via a relief organization ... she came here legally, with all papers in order ... She had been examined by a veterinarian ... Just like the Swedish vet, so noted that Tilda was healthy ... one hind leg needed surgery ... otherwise she was healthy ... My friend would have the operation done ... but maybe not right on Monday because the surgery would cost 50 000 and she needed help to get this money. It was not urgent ... Tilda was cheerful and happy and jumped around like a fit and healthy dog. This is NOT how it is supposed to be done!!! Is it because she was from Romania provincial veterinary decided on execution? Or as they said to my friend: "There are actually Swedish dogs you can adopt" I don't understand ... and to get paid for a health certificate for a dog put to sleep?? My friend is devastated ... she tried to walk away, but was threatened by police and accused of hurting animals... when she was in a confused state of mind and tried to collect her thoughts to come up with a solution to safety, she was incited to give up and accept the inevitable and threatened that Tilda would be killed alone without her if she did not agree to this. 1: Tilda was NEVER SEEN by the provincial veterinary... just talked to the vet in the phone 2. My friend never got a written decision ... she did not sign anything ... she had NO paper at all on this terrible happened. 3rd The vet, Marie-Louise Drugge, issued a health certificate to Tilda .... SAME DAY AS SHE killed HER!!! And then she was kind and "offered" the euthanasia for free but demanded payment for a killed dog's health certificate!!! This is absurd sick disgusting inhuman!! This must never be repeated!"

Another friend wrote: "Anyway, it's about arbitrary conduct of animal clinic here because you can not kill a dog without his consent, and it has long been known that this klinit is against the importation of dogs. The owner has made a police report and then we'll see where it leads."

Another friend: "I am Tildas owners friend...I just finished a loong talk on the phone with her and can only say that this IS unbelieveable!!!! I hate our government. They have treated Tilda and her owner exactly like they treat people in horrible dictatorships and like the nazis treated Jewish people during ww2. I am going to try to help my friend to survive can never imagine how sad she is...crying like a baby...dont trust anyone...she is still in chock and blaming herself for not doing this and that .... I really am sorry for this, and I hope the little sweet angel is in a better place now... but her Swedish mom will never be."

And some pictures I could find on Facebook:

 I myself have written to the vet clinic on their email address the following letter, asking for their official stance in this case:

"I am asking you for an official statement about why you have killed little dog Tilda, on what legal and medical grounds. Please be prepared to face the police and the press, and also be investigated by the board of Swedish vets. We will do everything for justice to be brought to Tilda and to her owner. We will never stop until justice is sought.
We will continue to inform the whole world about your abusive actions; how you did not allow for second vet opinions; how you did not give the owner time to reach a decision; how you abusively put Tilda to sleep despite the fact that no one saw any signs that she might be in pain. We will never stop, in Tilda's name.
¬Alex Ionescu
PS: Be prepared for the fight of your lives. We are."

I really am ready to battle the fight of my life against these people, in all the legal ways possible. The internet is my friend and I am not afraid to use it to expose these people for what they did.

I have not received yet a reply from the Swedish vets, but last night they erased all comments concerning Tilda's death on their Facebook page, and in the end simply took down their Facebook page. If you ask me, that is not the attitude of decent human beings with a clear conscience. More like the attitude of murderous cowards who never imagined the moral fight that would ensue following them killing Tilda.

In the end, please have a look at this video of Tilda in Romania, you will notice a slight limp that the vets here in Romania thought was due to an old broken leg that had healed in the meantime. Does this look to you like a dog in huge suffering who had to be euthanized on the spot, without second vet opinions, without time to seek help? The video can be seen on Youtube at this link.

Sweden, please stand by us. Help us tell them that Sweden does not approve of such xenophobic hatred against foreign dogs from these Swedish vets. In memory of innocent Tilda!

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  1. I'm sorry but from what I know of you Alex, I KNOW you would NOT have let Tilda leave Romania if she was in pain and suffering. You would have gone to your wonderful vet and got her the treatment she needed to end her suffering, then you would have let her be adopted.
    As for this vet who did this ... I am totally and utterly disgusted!!!!!
    Angels bless sweet Tilda <3