Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One sweet family

Some weeks ago we encountered a litter of 4 small pups in one neighborhood of Ploiesti. We found out their mom had just been taken by dog catchers, and they had been left all alone to fend for themselves, in cold and rainy weather..

Fortunately, one kind hearted person took the mom out of the horrible local state pound, and another animal lover reunited mom and pups in a safe place. Here they are weeks later, together, de-wormed, vaccinated:

La Familia: sweet mom Ani-Loofah and her 4 pups

And meet the pups on an individual basis:

Twix, super sweet and friendly pup, the only girl of the litter

Mars, male, looks a lot like sister Twix

Lion, grumpy face, male

Snickers, male

Sweet mommy Ani-Loofah already has a foster opportunity in Holland. But her angelic puppies have nothing lined up for them yet. Given their current size and their mom's size, we estimate they will be small to medium sized fully grown. Can you please help this sweet family find their way to wonderful forever homes?

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