Friday, April 5, 2013

My name was Tilda...

Hello, friends. My name was Tilda. But only for a short time. Let me tell you my story, I want you to hear it. Because I once lived, and I mattered.

I was a small little dog living in the streets of Ploiesti, Romania. I once even had a broken leg, most likely from a car accident. But with time, it healed. Life in the streets surely was tough! Especially for a little dog like me, so small and vulnerable. But I survived, and I was so happy one day when Alex took me to Bucharest to OneVet veterinary clinic and pension. Finally, safe! Here I had my leg examined and x-rayed, but the vets believed my old injury had healed and I was fine. Just a happy little doggie with a little limp from an old but healed injury.

And then I thought I went to heaven! At the end of March off I flew over to Sweden where my lovely mommy waited for me with so much love. For those few days, I was happy and spoiled. It all felt like a beautiful dream. Too good to be true...

A few days later, my new mommy took me to a vet clinic for a routine examination, but the Swedish vet was tricky and evil... She decided to put an end to my beautiful dream with my lovely mommy in Sweden. She considered I was in a lot of pain because of my previously injured leg, that no second vet opinions were necessary, that I had to be put to sleep right away, or be given an ultra expensive surgery that my mommy could not afford right there on the spot... So I fell asleep forever in my Swedish mommy's arms, while the horrible Swedish vet was injecting the poison into my little innocent body, on their Easter... I was the innocent little lamb sacrificed by this Swedish vet for Easter. 

I am not among the living anymore, but I shall never be forgotten. I was Tilda. And I mattered!

That was little Tilda's message to the world. I want people to hear her story, and her death not to go unnoticed. Little Tilda deserves justice. Because in our opinion she was put to sleep abusively and unjustifiably. A happy, healthy dog with no signs of being in pain, let alone pain that would require immediate surgery or euthanasia. Here's a video of her happy self at this link. Does she look to you like a dog in so much pain as to require euthanasia on the spot?

Please light a candle for little Tilda on this website, the group is called "TS" (meaning Tilda Sweden). Candles from 4 countries have already been lit for this innocent sweetheart.

Please also take the pledge on Causes to light a candle in Tilda's memory and to remember her. She mattered.

The veterinary clinic that killed Tilda on the spot is called Sollentuna Veterinarklinik. Some messages received from Swedish friends tell that this clinic has a history of being against foreign dogs. The vet's name is Marie-Louise Drugge, their email address is Please ask them on what legal and medical grounds they killed Tilda on the spot, to the dismay and suffering of her owner. So far they have not replied to anyone, they simply took down their Facebook page so they could not be contacted anymore via Facebook. A very shameful and coward act on their behalf, I would say. Certainly not the behavior of someone with a clear conscience and with nothing to hide.

Please share Tilda's story so everyone know the act of this horrible vet clinic. A clinic where not all animals are equal. Vets who did not honor their pledge to always act in an animal's best interests. They failed on Tilda. But we won't. Please share her story, let her story be known!


  1. I am so sorry, Alex. Injustice at its finest.

  2. We are many swedish friends now acting to give Tilda justice. This is NOT a way a common veterinäry shall act! Thanks god My vet is a sensible and wise person, working at a clinic wich welcomes all kind of doggies.

  3. this is honestly unbelievable! what a dumb, unethical vet this is! let everybody know this

  4. So sad, Alex. I am so sorry for Tilda and I am so sorry for all the dogs who left hoping for a better life and who ended this way and even worse... Tilda`s story is making me to do my very best here from now on.
    We need to make a good place for all of us - human beings, animals.. We just need to open up our hearts and be compassionate and just love this wonderful home we have, our planet with everything that is in it.
    Thank you for sharing her story with us. It`s a sad story. But there is a good part, too - we can take a lesson from this and do our best in the future.
    Rest in peace, dear Tilda.

  5. Has there been any communication with these vets ..before killing??

    what does the veterinarian report say.. or dont they send it/??

    RIP little sweet girl...

  6. OMG I wasn't expecting that .... That poor little girl. Her 2nd chance so cruelly taken away.
    RIP Little one - run free! xx

  7. how could this happen?? could you just have taken the dog and RUN out of there?by what authority could she kill the dog without owner's consent??? this sounds insane.

  8. poor sweet little angel.. rip peace baby girl......... your murderer will face her own karma us loving humans will make it so x x tears wont stop falling for you sweetpea! may the great spirits take you into their arms and love you and keep you safe forever x x suffolk (uk)

  9. From the USA..
    Never take such a drastic decision from a Dr or vet without thinking about it unless it's a emergency..
    Case in point, my Boo turned jaundice and very sick, I took her to a Animal ER, she was in ICU for a week and had a blocked liver duct, from what? They did a scan and the Vet said looks like a tumor..He tried to euthanize her..I said no and took her home with her injectable medications..In a week she was better because she pooped a 18 inch piece of a pull rope!! Follow your gut!! She lived years after.

  10. Who had the final say in whether Tilda was put to sleep or lived???

  11. This is the reply I received from them today:
    Hänvisar till Svensk djurskyddslag

    Ärendet handläggs av Polisen