Thursday, April 4, 2013

Light a candle for murdered Tilda on Stray Animals' Day

Dear friends,

By now it's all the more clear that sweet little Tilda did not have a chance. Unfortunately for her and for her owner, she went to a Swedish vet with big prejudice against foreign dogs in Sweden. The owner was not given time to think things through, to come up with money for the expensive surgery imposed on Tilda, to ask for second vet opinion. Tilda was simply put to sleep much too fast. Recklessly and abusively, I would say.

So let's meet the ones who did this.

The vet clinic where Tilda was in our opinion abusively put to sleep is called Sollentuna Veterinärklinik. It can be found on facebook here and their webpage is here. Their email address is:

The vet's name is Marie-Louise Drugge.

So Romania is a horrible place for dogs, with massive overpopulation and appalling welfare, and with the worst attitude from Romanian authorities' side. But what can we say about a country with supposedly high standards of animal welfare, a super civilized country, but where foreign dogs are abusively put to sleep without secondary vet opinions? Dogs that appeared happy and without any pain to anyone seeing them, but were immediately put to sleep without further investigations and vet opinions?

Sweet Tilda, on the very few days happily in Sweden...

Dear Swedish animal lovers, dear animal lovers from all over the world, I am asking you today, on Stray Animals' Day, please light a candle with me for Tilda. Her owner is suffering terribly, and all the ones who have known her are in shock and without any more tears left to cry for her.

But we won't go down without the fight of our lives. In memory of Tilda, we want the Swedish media and the police to be informed about the abusive deeds of this Swedish vet. We also want to flood their email with questions about why they killed Tilda in such great rush. In the last 24 hours we have been informed about serious prejudice of several Swedish vets against Romanian dogs; how they fight against foreign dogs being brought into Sweden; and how they even threaten Swedish animal lovers who care for foreign dogs, telling them to use their time and money to help Swedish dogs instead.

People from all over the world must take a stance against the abusive killing of Tilda. For Stray Animals' Day, and for the love of humanity, in memory of Tilda...


  1. I posted this as much as I could on their Facebookpage:
    A dog is a dog, and a swedish dog is no better then a foreign dog. Dutch vets are ashamed of their Swedish collegues Who killed Tilda! Stop the needless killing!

    Tsygan van Portugal

  2. You can light your candel here:

    Groupname is TS (TildaSweden) so we will all be together for her.....

  3. I must say for Tildas sake and for all the people who cared for her: Im so very sorry for your loss and im so sorry for you Tilda <333 Im ashamed of the veterinarians of my country (Sweden), who without any hesitation and so ice cold killed her!!! May you never ever again get a good nights sleep again for the rest of your life. Who are you that think our so called Swedish dogs are more worth than these foreign dogs!? Exactly, no one!
    I just got my Romanian female dog with the same flight as Tilda and i met sweet Tilda for a few minutes. Still i saw the wonderful dog that she was <333 Im so sad that this happened to her. I will do my part in this and spread this around to as many people i possible can. In my opinion, my beloved dog might not be born in Sweden - but she sure is Swedish now and if any vet as much as look at my dog the wrong way, then im gonna for sure tell that person off!! R.I.P Tilda, we will never forget you <333

  4. This is a very sad story! A helpless little dog and owner! To put a dog to sleep without a good investigation is criminal and just to show your own power as a vet!Very very bad! Hope I never have to ask you for help
    with my dogs!!!!