Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Faith lost in humanity thanks to Sweden

Sweden shedding the blood of the most innocent this Easter

I am stunned. The combination of shock, anger, disbelief, pain, that tries me at the moment is surely enough a curse I don't wish upon anyone. I am numb thanks to a mixture of feelings I cannot grasp quite yet. All I know is that things will never be the same again.

Tilda, the sweetest little dog anyone could have wished for, was selected a couple of months ago to leave for adoption in Sweden. The only thing that was not quite perfect about her was a little limp she had. According to the instructions I was given by the person who facilitated her adoption, I took her to the OneVet veterinary pension in Bucharest where she spent roughly a month and a half getting prepared for adoption. Her limp was investigated there and an X-ray showed she would limp because of an old broken leg that had healed in a wrong way. But according to OneVet, it was no big deal and she was not in pain. Never did she give the impression she was in pain. Just a happy loving little girl.

At the end of March, little Tilda flew to Sweden to start her new life with her Swedish adopter, an adopter who had kept in touch with us for weeks and who appeared most committed and dedicated to Tilda. It really was meant to be, we thought, and we did not perceive any red flags about this adoption. We simply had no doubt whatsoever that Tilda would live a long and happy life in the home of her adopter. Even better, Tilda also had a backup in case anything happened with her adopter. So many promises, so much reassurance that all will be rosy and wonderful. Honestly, I don't think I ever got so many words of promise about how great a dog's life would be and how greatly loved and safe she would be.

 Tilda in Sweden...

Trouble is, I suspect the ones who sing and praise love too much run out of energy when it comes to actually showing it with deeds, not with words...

Yesterday we receive word that Tilda was taken to a Swedish state vet for checkup and registration, but the vet deemed that she was in pain because of her leg problem. New X-rays showed further problems that had not been picked up by the OneVet vets. The Swedish vet's decision was shocking: either a 6,000-euro surgery right away, or Tilda would be put to sleep (to me, that sounds like the most disgusting way in which a vet could impose expensive surgery upon an animal owner). In shock, the owner could not come up with 6,000 euro, but also failed to ask for help and support from other Swedish people committed to Tilda who could have helped. So Tilda is now dead. Why? This is the message from her adopter:

"I am overwhelmed with grief, my angel Tilda took Swedish state veterinarians today when I would do a clean bill of health for veterinary insurance for Tilda, I'm mad at onevet why dident they asked if I wanted to operate Tilda's legs when she was a month there, her hip ball had dislocated because she could not walk properly, fraktura the hind leg was healed wrong but it was not that caused her biggest problem, it was the hip ball, they could have put it in place.I asked to have a 24hours on me obtaining 50000kronor to operate her, but I had to go to an animal hospital directly or they killed Tilda.I'm so sorry Alex she was so wonderful little dog, I love her, and she was overjoyed the few days with me. Always money is the control and I'm not a rich person, I just had 24hours I had sought help of funds. I have to try to take me through this, she died in my arms Alex and I kissed her so she would not be afraid., I will write a letter to onvet and ask why they did not ask Anna if we wanted to make a operation. Hug."

Apparently, Swedish state vets have the power to confiscate owned dogs and put them to sleep whenever they feel like it. Articles 32 and 34 from their animal protection legislation give them unlimited power to euthanize if they have the impression the animal might be in pain and the owner cannot produce 6,000 euro on the spot for an ultra expensive surgery.

So let's recap:
  • Tilda spends roughly a month and a half in pension at OneVet in Bucharest where the vets consider her leg to be healed and ok and not causing her problems anymore;
  • Tilda finally flies to Sweden where she was supposed to have the most wonderful life as we had been promised by several people;
  • Tilda is taken to a state vet for checkup and registration, but the vet deems that she is in pain, and orders either a 6,000-euro surgery right away, or that Tilda be put to sleep (please look again at her smiling pictures, that dog never gave the feeling she was in any pain)
  • In shock, her owner fails to do what others would have done: call and ask for help from other friends who cared about Tilda and who could have helped; call a lawyer; ask for a second vet opinion; ask for permission to go get a loan from the bank for the expensive surgery (and simply run away with Tilda instead!!!)
  • End result: Tilda, the loveliest little dog with so much joy and love to give to the world, was put to sleep yesterday by the Swedish vet in the arms of her new owner who had promised her the world. 
All the more dramatic is that several other lovely people (including a good friend of mine) really loved Tilda and would have given her a fantastic home. Only that they were not fast enough, and someone else with great love-praising skills snatched her first.

What can I say? For Easter, the Swedish sacrificed the most wonderful and innocent little lamb. A dog born in the streets of Romania; living in the streets for years before embarking on what appeared to be the chance of her life.

This one goes to innocent Tilda...

I don't think I will ever be able to trust people the same way again. So many lovely words that failed to be proven when Tilda needed true love and support the most. After Tilda, I will never be the same again.

Happy Easter, Sweden!


  1. unbelievable! :-(

  2. Sweden should be ashamed...this is the way of a Regime,not a democratic country...shame on you for killing this sweet little soul because your ransom could not be paid.

    1. Sweden?
      You blame a hole country? then you should be ashamed. This person is just ONE............

    2. This country is a madhouse in some aspects so I don't mind him/her blaming this country as a whole.

  3. Alex, I am so sorry to hear this.Its heartbreaking for you, my thoughts are with you x

  4. I'm sorry you lost Tilda. It's strange that a vet can decide to put a dog to sleep just like that. I totally agree with you at that point.
    I know OneVet and I know they missed several serious problems with dogs who are adopted and stayed at the clinic untill the day of travel. So don't trust on their judgement, it's very likely that they missed the hip problem. It doesn't surprises me at all.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming anyone, just wanted to share this because you seem to trust OneVet and they make lots of mistakes...
    The whole Sweden part of it is just crazy... I'm can only say how sorry I am for that.

  5. So sad reading:-( i live in sweden and i dont believe a vet here require an owner to get up with money in such a way. 5000 swedish crones is about 600 € , not 6000 , so it is not an impossible sum to pay if you are prepeard to take on a dog! So sad and so unnecessery :-(

  6. dar este INACCEPTABIL sa vina un vet sa hotarasca sa ti omoare cainele !!!!!!!!!!!!!! este mizerabil ! nu cumva o fi vreun vet din categoria celor pusi pe mobbing ul cainilor din Europa de est adusi in suedia ? in ultima vreme , s a pornit o campanie anti caini din romania in suedia , unde ong urile suedeze de profil si cu o imagine buna au fost denigrate pt ca aduc caini care nesocializati si "bolnavi " de la noi .............

    eu as lua datele acestui vet mizerabil , oricare ar fi el , si as trimite petitie la POLITIE , la COLEGIUL MEDICILOR LOR , sau unde s o mai putea ; ca sa stie ca pt noi este INACCEPTABIL sa omoram un caine doar ca zice cineva ....

  7. Riitta Uusi-RajasaloApril 3, 2013 at 11:25 PM

    This is horrible..I'm so sorry. Iäm sure there are good vet also.. :(

  8. I am Tildas owners friend...I just finished a loong talk on the phone with her and can only say that this IS unbelieveable!!!!
    I hate our government.
    They have treated Tilda and her owner exactly like they treat people in horrible dictatorships and like the nazis treated Jewish people during ww2
    I am going to try to help my friend to survive can never imagine how sad she is...crying like a baby...dont trust anyone...she is still in chock and blaming herself for not doing this and that ....
    I really am sorry for this, and I hope the little sweet angel is in a better place now... but her Swedish mom will never be.

    1. I met Tilda at Arlanda when she came to her new mom, and you should know she was smiling in her arms......smiling!!! I was there to get a new cat from Romania and he is now the most loved cat in this house-
      I was shocked reading this, i signed the cause but i never understood that it was the Tilda i met on Arlanda until i went to FB. NOW i understand, how a Vet in Sweden can act like a dictator and not even give a few hrs to think it over, to collect your mind from the message of a big bill or killing the dog. I dont understand how a vet. good educated in a country like Sweden can act like this. If she hates animals why work with them?? There is never an animal who is better than another. I have seen this clinic make advertisment on FB and i will never use them, i will never speak good of them, i will tell this story to all that will listen. Tildas mommie, hang in there it wasnt your fault many hugs RIP Tilda sweet baby Marie with the cat

  9. The comment from Tildas Swedish moms friend is from me: Bojana Stanisic

  10. There are bad seeds everywhere, you can't judge a whole population because of one persons actions. But ofcourse I'm ashamed, as well as I am for the human being in general.

  11. Bojana, can you explain how this could happen? Couldn't Tilda's owner get a second opinion at an other vet or get more time to raise the money? I really don't understand this could happen.

  12. I live in Sweden and have both dogs and cats. I have never in my Life heard anything like this ! A veternarian could NEVER force anybody to do anything with your animal. Not put to sleep, not surgery or anything else. It is all up to the owner !!! If I were you I'd talk to the vet. that supposed to forced the owner to this, and hear his or her version, Before put i in your blogg.

    1. Its me again ! I have now seen the video of little Tilda and I must say that she seems very happy and in no pain at all !!! If I were the owner of that little sweet thing I had never, never in my life let anybody put her to sleep !!! You just had to walk away from that vet. with your dog...

    2. Totally agree!why didn't she just walk away? or get fund raising for the operation?

  13. My cat dislocated her hip when she was little. I have been to vet, etc, and they started all the investigations (X -rays, etc) but the hip come into place by accident (she moved and I hold her and... a slight noise and the cat was fine again!).

    As far as those "veterinarians" were concerned, I should have my cat killed on sight for a dislocated hip?!

  14. The paragrahs you are referring to does not say that a veterinarian can decide to put the animal to sleep. It says that the County of Administrative Board or that the Polica Authority can decide to take custody of the aninmal if
    1) there is no way to repair the damage
    2) you cannot reach the owner
    3) it is absolutely necessary for a animal protections view.

    All these requirements needs to be fulfilled. Since Tilda's owner obviously brought her in I am afraid the owner has completely fooled you.

    So no, a vet cannot decide to put an animal to sleep. Perhaps the author of this text should control his sources?

  15. I am a Swedish lawyer and I can assure you that in spite of ignorant comments to the contrary Swedish veterinarians do indeed have the right to eauthanize an animal against the will of the caretaker. The basis of the right is the above stated paragraphs. In praxis the veterinarian, who deems the case to be such that this kind of decision should be made, have to contact the official veterinarian of the region (who is hired by the state) and get consent to euthanize the animal. The reason for this legal possibility to overrule an animal caretaker is that an animal which is suffering should not suffer more because of an irresponsible/ignorant owner. In practice the power is of course tempting to abuse. Every yeabe euthanized at home and therforr we have several cases where families are shocked by the police coming to claim and then euthanize their dog or cat family member. The reason might be disagreement between the family and a veterinarian about what is treatable or not. There have aslo been cases where the caretaker wanted the dog/cat to be euthanized at home but the veterinarian found that unacceptable and instead sent the police. Unfortunately there are also some veterinarians who use their power to euthanize animals that according to their personal beliefs can not live a life with dignity (feral cats, animals with a handicap, dogs of bullterrier race etc).

    1. That is CRAP! you should change your laws!