Friday, April 19, 2013

From the street, in Holland

On April 1st I have attended with friends the Zwerfdieren Festival in Holland. It was a wonderful experience to come in contact with so many other animal welfare and protection organizations for foreign dogs; to see old friends; to see five of my former babies; and to proudly represent our organization, the RSDP, at this event.

Proudly representing Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti!

A great team of beautiful friends that don't let go when the going gets rough

Happily receiving an amazing donation of Milbemax de-worming pills from HondenBrokkenMakers

How the Dutch treat their animals... Lovely treats for the dogs! 

Happily reunited with Anni-Frid, a super duper former doggie rescued by RSDP that is now in foster in Holland

Anni-Frid, more than half a year ago, when I found her dumped in garbage and full of fleas in Ploiesti, Romania...

How do the Dutch treat their animals compared to Romanians?... Simply two worlds apart. Thank you dearly, Holland, for caring so much and having such a big heart for needy foreign animals!

Do you care when homeless animals beg with sad eyes for YOUR help?

Dear friend,

The spring season with all its beauty fails to make us happy. This is a terribly sad time of the year for us, as this is when we find countless abandoned pups and kitten in the streets. This is also a season when many homeless animals are either in heat or already pregnant...

In a Romanian city with estimates of up to 8,000 strays, we're working like crazy to prevent through sterilizations more pups and kitten from being born to a life of suffering. There simply are too many already suffering and having greatly reduced welfare. Enough is enough!

This year we have already provided 287 free sterilizations with support from caring people like you. But we need to provide many more. Animal lovers from all over the town are asking us for help with free sterilizations of female animals. We are counting on your help to be able to help them.

One sterilization costs 21 euro, but even the smallest of donations is greatly appreciated and can help a lot. Furthermore, we also need your help to feed dozens of homeless animals in our care, and to provide them with vet help when they need it.

This season, please consider donating the cost of a coffee for the homeless animals of Ploiesti, Romania. One coffee can go a long way here and help a homeless animal quite a bit. It is our creed that many small donations coming from a great many people can in effect move mountains for homeless animals.

One coffee, please?


Sterilized female recovering in the arms of a volunteer

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More innocent pups needing homes

Some months ago, driving around to pick up adult female dogs for free sterilizations, we ran across a mommy (a teenage herself) and her litter of pups:

Since the pups were pretty young, we decided to come back a few weeks later to take the mom for free spaying

Unfortunately, very soon after dog catchers came and took the mom and some of the pups to the horrible local pound... Leaving 3 sweet pups behind:

Sammy, Suri and Sony, as we named them, were fortunate enough to be left behind by the cruel dog catchers...

Even better, a dear friend of mine got financially involved and this way we could take the pups in safety, away from the cold and dangerous streets, into a private vet clinic:

The 3 angels at the vet clinic, resting from a bout of play

Unfortunately, despite best treatment, tiny Sammy did not make it... When we rescued him from the streets, he was already having a bad cold that never got better despite being at the vet clinic and receiving daily antibiotic treatment and vitamins... All the ones that got involved in their care took a tremendous hit with Sammy's death, it broke our hearts...

But his sisters Sony and Suri were fine and thrived

Sony and Suri now at our little puppy center, doing super well and being ready to go home

Sony is a super sweet girl that will stay fairly small. Her nickname is "Ducky" because of her fat little body supported by short thick legs :) She's a small girlie with great, friendly attitude

Suri's nickname is "Deer." She is very delicate and has an athletic body structure. Suri will also stay a fairly small, delicate dog. She is a little more shy than sister Sony, but also full of love to give

Can you please help Sony and Suri find their way home? They have completed the full puppy vaccination scheme and will be sterilized within a few weeks. It's already been such a long, tough journey for them. They deserve their chance!

One sweet family

Some weeks ago we encountered a litter of 4 small pups in one neighborhood of Ploiesti. We found out their mom had just been taken by dog catchers, and they had been left all alone to fend for themselves, in cold and rainy weather..

Fortunately, one kind hearted person took the mom out of the horrible local state pound, and another animal lover reunited mom and pups in a safe place. Here they are weeks later, together, de-wormed, vaccinated:

La Familia: sweet mom Ani-Loofah and her 4 pups

And meet the pups on an individual basis:

Twix, super sweet and friendly pup, the only girl of the litter

Mars, male, looks a lot like sister Twix

Lion, grumpy face, male

Snickers, male

Sweet mommy Ani-Loofah already has a foster opportunity in Holland. But her angelic puppies have nothing lined up for them yet. Given their current size and their mom's size, we estimate they will be small to medium sized fully grown. Can you please help this sweet family find their way to wonderful forever homes?

From Holland with love

The Dutch organization HondenBrokkenMakers has recently donated much needed aid for the Ploiesti strays in our care: Milbemax de-worming pills, pools, and a flight kennel.

Just wow! 12 boxes of Milbemax for puppies, and 12 boxes of Milbemax for adult dogs, 4 pills per pack, totaling 96 pills of Milbemax. Plus one Scalibor collar against ticks and fleas. Some super useful gifts that will go a long way here and help many animals

4 pools that are already used by the little ones in our care

Very many thanks, HondenBrokkenMakers and supporters! :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why sterilizations are important to me

People who know me and my work know for a fact that I have my heart stubbornly set on sterilizations. Back in 2010 I assisted Vier Pfoten with catching stray animals for sterilizations; in 2011 I coordinated a sterilization campaign of 100 animals with support from Romania Animal Rescue; and since 2012 our organization has provided hundreds of free sterilizations for stray, owned and shelter animals. Simply, as means to prevent more future suffering and to reduce stray animal numbers. And I do really mean it.

Sterilizations in effect save lives.
  • I have seen way too many suffering and dead pups, either abandoned or stray-born, to know that the kindest thing consists in preventing more future births. Ploiesti, Romania in general, and other developing regions have massive stray animal overpopulation with reduced welfare. We're talking about tens of millions of stray dogs worldwide. No way we can find all of them good responsible forever homes. No way they are all highly adoptable animals, we must be realistic. And for sure, their street life with no secure food, shelter nor veterinary care is no easy life for them. Thinking ahead and thinking large scale, sterilizations are the only means to truly prevent a lot of suffering, and cut down on animal overpopulation humanely.  
  • But sterilizations can save the lives of the sterilized animals also. In my experience, very few local people would consider adopting entire female pups and dogs, for fear of future unwanted pups. Sterilizing homeless female dogs in Ploiesti led to many of these females being subsequently adopted locally, which made all the difference for them. 
  • Other sterilizations of owned females led to these females not being abandoned anymore when getting pregnant (it's painfully common for pregnant females and females with newborn pups to be dumped on the side of the road by their owners). That's why we are happy to sterilize owned females as well, in order to prevent their abandonment in the streets.
  • People often call dog catchers when stray females get into heat and large packs of males gather around them. Prevention really is key, by having these females sterilized asap.

Sterilizations are most economical and far reaching.
  • For real. One sterilization costs us 21 euro and on the long run has far reaching implications, potentially preventing the birth of thousands of future pups to a life of suffering. Now that is an incredibly good investment! I cannot think of any better investment on the long run. 
  • In a city like Ploiesti with estimates of up to 8,000 strays... Focusing on rescue work and not on prevention through sterilizations is a sure dead end; a super costly dead end that in effect won't bring a change in stray animal numbers. 
  • Any animal rescuer knows how unbelievably costly veterinary care is for animals in need. Some animals with big veterinary needs require treatment as expensive as the cost of dozens of sterilizations... 

It's very easy in animal rescue to fall into the emotional side, to see just that dog only, to totally disregard and shun away the millions of other needy dogs and the millions more about to be born. It's very easy to lose the balance towards the emotional side, to stop seeing things in perspective and large scale.

While we also do rescue work, the RSDP stands primarily for sterilizations and they represent the compelling majority of our work. Because there are way too many dogs, of which very few could be re-homed, without producing a noticeable change in stray animal numbers; and because we strive to act in an educated and visionary manner, addressing stray animal overpopulation large scale and on the long run, maximizing the impact of our donations.

April 2013 Appeal

Finally, spring is here! Nice, lovely weather after one cold and terribly long winter. This should be a great reason to be happy and content, but... in reality, this season is also very tough for animal lovers. Because it's the season with many abandoned and stray-born  litters of innocent pups and kittens.

RSDP humbly asks for your support this season. We need help towards:
  • First and foremost, sterilizations. Free sterilization campaigns part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge represent the bulk of our work. Our heart is primarily set on sterilizations because we strive to prevent as much as possible more innocent pups and kittens from being born to a life of suffering. One sterilization costs us 21 euro, but can go such an unbelievably long way here, doing so much good on the long run.
    • In 2012 we could provide 328 sterilizations
    • In 2013 we have already provided 269 sterilizations so far, of which 21 this month
    • This month we wish to provide at least 59 more sterilizations; this way, in January-April 2013 we will have managed to provide the same number of sterilizations as for the full 2012!
    • So ideally, for April 2013 we wish to provide at least 80 total sterilizations (21 already provided+ 59 more hopefully to come for the rest of the month). That is our basic target. Dreaming further, a golden target would be a total of 125 sterilizations for this month. Depending on YOUR support, we shall see if we can go over the basic target and reach new heights, touching the golden target!
  • Dog food. We buy one 10-kilo bag of basic dog food for 6 euro. We use at the very least 200 kilos of dog food per month. Can you please help towards feeding the dozens of stray pups and dogs we're looking after in the streets of Ploiesti?
  • Veterinary needs. We always need help with covering vet bills for the strays in our care. Much needed demodex and scabies treatments, vaccines, emergency treatments for injured and ill dogs and pups, we always depend on your support to be able to help them.
 Meet Pearl, one abandoned female dog found in appalling condition. A dog everyone would kick and shoo away for fear of other dogs catching her disease. Severe demodex (which will require weekly veterinary treatment possibly for months, given how bad it is), eye infection, one broken leg... Overall, a dog in super bad shape that RSDP is currently caring for. A long commitment for which we need your support. And she is only one of the dozens of needy animals we're looking after

If you wish to contribute towards sterilizations, dog food or veterinary needs, please use our PayPal: Alternatively, other donation methods are listed on the right side of this blog. 

Very many thanks! We wish to do so much, to help so many needy dogs and pups. But we depend 100% on your support. Please, help us help them!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Kiddos are here!

Some weeks ago we encountered a stray mom and her stray born pups. We had the mom sterilized so she would not reproduce anymore in the streets of Ploiesti. But her sweet, friendly and needy pups would surely love to have homes of their own! Meet the Kiddos!

Meet the Kiddos on an individual basis:

 Santana, boy, he will be a bigger dog when fully grown

Gusti, boy, will stay a small boy

 Spots, girl, will be medium sized (best guess)

 Giusto, female, will be medium sized (best guess)

The Kiddos are roughly 2.5-3 months old now. In about a month they'd be able to go to their forever homes. Can you please help these poor kids already born and in need of a warm basket?

Until then, the Kiddos sleep among ruins, waiting to be given a chance

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Stand For Tilda

The last 10 days have been very difficult for all the ones that have known and loved Tilda. We're slowly recovering from the shock of her senseless death.

We have started a support group called "We Stand For Tilda" on Facebook that can be accessed at this link.

We have also started a petition to raise signatures for the Swedish Board of Responsibility for Animals' Healthcare to investigate Tilda's abusive pts. You can sign the petition by accessing this link.

Latest updates about the case? The owner and friends tried to go back to Sollentuna Veterinarklinik to retrieve Tilda's medical file (perfectly legal and decent if you ask me) but they were threatened and kicked out instead. They also found out Tilda's body had been incinerated by the clinic, without consent, most likely as means to cover their own tracks. And to show how upside down this world has become, the veterinarian who abusively and unjustifiably euthanized Tilda pressed charges against the poor grieving owner.

But we stand for Tilda firmly. We won't give up until justice is sought. Until we see that day, please join us in lighting virtual candles for Tilda and her memory at this link. She simply is not gone for us. We can rest only when justice is done in her memory.

Friday, April 5, 2013

My name was Tilda...

Hello, friends. My name was Tilda. But only for a short time. Let me tell you my story, I want you to hear it. Because I once lived, and I mattered.

I was a small little dog living in the streets of Ploiesti, Romania. I once even had a broken leg, most likely from a car accident. But with time, it healed. Life in the streets surely was tough! Especially for a little dog like me, so small and vulnerable. But I survived, and I was so happy one day when Alex took me to Bucharest to OneVet veterinary clinic and pension. Finally, safe! Here I had my leg examined and x-rayed, but the vets believed my old injury had healed and I was fine. Just a happy little doggie with a little limp from an old but healed injury.

And then I thought I went to heaven! At the end of March off I flew over to Sweden where my lovely mommy waited for me with so much love. For those few days, I was happy and spoiled. It all felt like a beautiful dream. Too good to be true...

A few days later, my new mommy took me to a vet clinic for a routine examination, but the Swedish vet was tricky and evil... She decided to put an end to my beautiful dream with my lovely mommy in Sweden. She considered I was in a lot of pain because of my previously injured leg, that no second vet opinions were necessary, that I had to be put to sleep right away, or be given an ultra expensive surgery that my mommy could not afford right there on the spot... So I fell asleep forever in my Swedish mommy's arms, while the horrible Swedish vet was injecting the poison into my little innocent body, on their Easter... I was the innocent little lamb sacrificed by this Swedish vet for Easter. 

I am not among the living anymore, but I shall never be forgotten. I was Tilda. And I mattered!

That was little Tilda's message to the world. I want people to hear her story, and her death not to go unnoticed. Little Tilda deserves justice. Because in our opinion she was put to sleep abusively and unjustifiably. A happy, healthy dog with no signs of being in pain, let alone pain that would require immediate surgery or euthanasia. Here's a video of her happy self at this link. Does she look to you like a dog in so much pain as to require euthanasia on the spot?

Please light a candle for little Tilda on this website, the group is called "TS" (meaning Tilda Sweden). Candles from 4 countries have already been lit for this innocent sweetheart.

Please also take the pledge on Causes to light a candle in Tilda's memory and to remember her. She mattered.

The veterinary clinic that killed Tilda on the spot is called Sollentuna Veterinarklinik. Some messages received from Swedish friends tell that this clinic has a history of being against foreign dogs. The vet's name is Marie-Louise Drugge, their email address is Please ask them on what legal and medical grounds they killed Tilda on the spot, to the dismay and suffering of her owner. So far they have not replied to anyone, they simply took down their Facebook page so they could not be contacted anymore via Facebook. A very shameful and coward act on their behalf, I would say. Certainly not the behavior of someone with a clear conscience and with nothing to hide.

Please share Tilda's story so everyone know the act of this horrible vet clinic. A clinic where not all animals are equal. Vets who did not honor their pledge to always act in an animal's best interests. They failed on Tilda. But we won't. Please share her story, let her story be known!

We shall fight for sweet murdered Tilda till the end!

Dear friends,

In the last 24 hours we have received unbelievable support from friends and animal lovers from Sweden, Holland and all over the world. People who care, people who were appalled to read how this girl was abusively and absurdly put to sleep in Sweden.

Below please read and see some of the letters, comments and pictures put together by people who cared about Tilda. None of this is my work, I am simply passing on what other have written and created in memory of Tilda. Her story must be heard!

A friend of Tilda's Swedish owner who knows the story really well wrote this letter:
"Monsters ... how can you work with innocent animals when you do this? ... I would not have the heart to let you take care of a Cockroach ... KILLER .... My friend's little baby was on the orders of the provincial veterinary officer (who had never seen Tilda, but decided this over the phone) acute killed by a veterinarian the same day as they issued a health certificate to Tilda ... My friend asked in vain for a measly period of 24 hours to she could get 50 000SeK it would cost to operate little Tilda ... Shocked and heartbroken, as a victim of torture, she was forced to witness her little baby execution ... it was just a routine visit to the vet but became a nightmare. The friendly vet also told that she did not have to pay for the killing .... but she charged for health certificate!! A health certificate issued by a Swedish veterinarian for a small dog baby they killed because she was too sick to live??? How can that be possible?? Tilda was a happy little princess that my friend imported from Romania via a relief organization ... she came here legally, with all papers in order ... She had been examined by a veterinarian ... Just like the Swedish vet, so noted that Tilda was healthy ... one hind leg needed surgery ... otherwise she was healthy ... My friend would have the operation done ... but maybe not right on Monday because the surgery would cost 50 000 and she needed help to get this money. It was not urgent ... Tilda was cheerful and happy and jumped around like a fit and healthy dog. This is NOT how it is supposed to be done!!! Is it because she was from Romania provincial veterinary decided on execution? Or as they said to my friend: "There are actually Swedish dogs you can adopt" I don't understand ... and to get paid for a health certificate for a dog put to sleep?? My friend is devastated ... she tried to walk away, but was threatened by police and accused of hurting animals... when she was in a confused state of mind and tried to collect her thoughts to come up with a solution to safety, she was incited to give up and accept the inevitable and threatened that Tilda would be killed alone without her if she did not agree to this. 1: Tilda was NEVER SEEN by the provincial veterinary... just talked to the vet in the phone 2. My friend never got a written decision ... she did not sign anything ... she had NO paper at all on this terrible happened. 3rd The vet, Marie-Louise Drugge, issued a health certificate to Tilda .... SAME DAY AS SHE killed HER!!! And then she was kind and "offered" the euthanasia for free but demanded payment for a killed dog's health certificate!!! This is absurd sick disgusting inhuman!! This must never be repeated!"

Another friend wrote: "Anyway, it's about arbitrary conduct of animal clinic here because you can not kill a dog without his consent, and it has long been known that this klinit is against the importation of dogs. The owner has made a police report and then we'll see where it leads."

Another friend: "I am Tildas owners friend...I just finished a loong talk on the phone with her and can only say that this IS unbelieveable!!!! I hate our government. They have treated Tilda and her owner exactly like they treat people in horrible dictatorships and like the nazis treated Jewish people during ww2. I am going to try to help my friend to survive can never imagine how sad she is...crying like a baby...dont trust anyone...she is still in chock and blaming herself for not doing this and that .... I really am sorry for this, and I hope the little sweet angel is in a better place now... but her Swedish mom will never be."

And some pictures I could find on Facebook:

 I myself have written to the vet clinic on their email address the following letter, asking for their official stance in this case:

"I am asking you for an official statement about why you have killed little dog Tilda, on what legal and medical grounds. Please be prepared to face the police and the press, and also be investigated by the board of Swedish vets. We will do everything for justice to be brought to Tilda and to her owner. We will never stop until justice is sought.
We will continue to inform the whole world about your abusive actions; how you did not allow for second vet opinions; how you did not give the owner time to reach a decision; how you abusively put Tilda to sleep despite the fact that no one saw any signs that she might be in pain. We will never stop, in Tilda's name.
¬Alex Ionescu
PS: Be prepared for the fight of your lives. We are."

I really am ready to battle the fight of my life against these people, in all the legal ways possible. The internet is my friend and I am not afraid to use it to expose these people for what they did.

I have not received yet a reply from the Swedish vets, but last night they erased all comments concerning Tilda's death on their Facebook page, and in the end simply took down their Facebook page. If you ask me, that is not the attitude of decent human beings with a clear conscience. More like the attitude of murderous cowards who never imagined the moral fight that would ensue following them killing Tilda.

In the end, please have a look at this video of Tilda in Romania, you will notice a slight limp that the vets here in Romania thought was due to an old broken leg that had healed in the meantime. Does this look to you like a dog in huge suffering who had to be euthanized on the spot, without second vet opinions, without time to seek help? The video can be seen on Youtube at this link.

Sweden, please stand by us. Help us tell them that Sweden does not approve of such xenophobic hatred against foreign dogs from these Swedish vets. In memory of innocent Tilda!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Light a candle for murdered Tilda on Stray Animals' Day

Dear friends,

By now it's all the more clear that sweet little Tilda did not have a chance. Unfortunately for her and for her owner, she went to a Swedish vet with big prejudice against foreign dogs in Sweden. The owner was not given time to think things through, to come up with money for the expensive surgery imposed on Tilda, to ask for second vet opinion. Tilda was simply put to sleep much too fast. Recklessly and abusively, I would say.

So let's meet the ones who did this.

The vet clinic where Tilda was in our opinion abusively put to sleep is called Sollentuna Veterinärklinik. It can be found on facebook here and their webpage is here. Their email address is:

The vet's name is Marie-Louise Drugge.

So Romania is a horrible place for dogs, with massive overpopulation and appalling welfare, and with the worst attitude from Romanian authorities' side. But what can we say about a country with supposedly high standards of animal welfare, a super civilized country, but where foreign dogs are abusively put to sleep without secondary vet opinions? Dogs that appeared happy and without any pain to anyone seeing them, but were immediately put to sleep without further investigations and vet opinions?

Sweet Tilda, on the very few days happily in Sweden...

Dear Swedish animal lovers, dear animal lovers from all over the world, I am asking you today, on Stray Animals' Day, please light a candle with me for Tilda. Her owner is suffering terribly, and all the ones who have known her are in shock and without any more tears left to cry for her.

But we won't go down without the fight of our lives. In memory of Tilda, we want the Swedish media and the police to be informed about the abusive deeds of this Swedish vet. We also want to flood their email with questions about why they killed Tilda in such great rush. In the last 24 hours we have been informed about serious prejudice of several Swedish vets against Romanian dogs; how they fight against foreign dogs being brought into Sweden; and how they even threaten Swedish animal lovers who care for foreign dogs, telling them to use their time and money to help Swedish dogs instead.

People from all over the world must take a stance against the abusive killing of Tilda. For Stray Animals' Day, and for the love of humanity, in memory of Tilda...