Monday, March 18, 2013

Where is that beautiful and fair world?

On responsible animal ownership in Romania...

A lovely owned female dog from Ploiesti gave birth in wintertime to 6 lovely little puppies. Her previous litter had all died... Well, let's see what happened with this new litter.

The first time we met them was in the streets of their neighborhood. We met a very famished doggie mom and one pup that had got out through the fence of their courtyard searching for food:

We returned a few days later to persuade the owner to allow us to have the mom sterilized. At this point, we found out that originally there had been 6 pups; but only 5 were still alive; as 1 had been run over by a car in front of their courtyard.

 The 5 pups alive at that point; and the owner commenting that we should take all the street dogs and just take them somewhere else; unaware that herself was contributing to the homeless animal overpopulation by not having had the mom sterilized sooner; and by allowing mom and pups to stay in the streets part of the day

We returned a week later to have the puppies de-wormed with puppy Milbemax donated by a friend. This is what they looked like then, skinny and full of worms:

 We had them de-wormed and continued to follow their evolution. Them being owned, and us being full at the puppy center plus with cases of quarantined sick puppies in our care, we simply could not do more for them.

Yesterday we went to check on them again. This time, only 4 were still alive... Unbelievably skinny and with saddest eyes.

I posted yesterday's pictures last night on Facebook and, within hours, the little while puppy captured the heart of a lady considering to adopt him...So this morning we went back there, only to find out that the little white angel with saddest eyes had also got out of the courtyard and was run over just last night.

The three remaining puppies still alive this morning (of which one also limps after being hit by a car), after they lost their white sibling just last night:

I like to be able to believe in the beauty and fairness of this world. But sometimes I lose all my strength.

This picture was taken yesterday. Today, little white angel is dead. This is Romania and this is dog owners' sense of responsibility

The only good thing I can think of is that today we took the female for free sterilization as part of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Such horribly sad stories are the reason why we also sterilize a great deal of owned females of reproductive age. We do everything in our power to prevent more puppies from being born to suffer and die like this. Owned or not, their fate is in the vast majority simply horrendous.

We really do love them the most (and most selflessly) by doing everything in our power to prevent their birth to a life of suffering. 

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