Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The need for the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge

Everyone who has been through Eastern Europe knows stray dogs offer some heartbreaking sights. Their life is unbelievably hard. Stray dogs' life really is a lottery... A very few fortunate ones are going to be adopted and have wonderful lives. But they represent one tiny bit in a sea of pain. How is this fair for the vast majority left behind with no luck?

The only way we can make stray dogs' life fairer is through sustained spay and neuter campaigns. So there won't be any more unfortunate innocent pups born to live and die like little Suus...

We met Suus for the first time on a Sunday afternoon, as Gabriela and I were scouting for new packs of dogs to be sterilized. A sweet, small puppy abandoned in a factory courtyard near a busy road. Just one of the dozens of abandoned and stray-born puppies we had seen that day alone. When I got home, I posted all the pictures taken that day on Facebook. To my big surprise, we found Suus an adopter in the evening of that same day! This was going to be the luckiest pup I had ever met, such an amazingly fast adoption! But it was simply not mean to be. The following day, Gabriela went back looking for her but could not find her. Then the next day, I went back looking for Suus myself... Only to be told by factory workers that Suus had been found dead, and looking like she had been attacked and fatally maimed by adult dogs patrolling the area. In disbelief, I asked them to show me her dead body, I simply refused to believe she was gone, now that she had the chance to a most wonderful life in Holland. Well, there she was indeed. Suus' beautiful spirit had left her frail body. The luckiest puppy turned out to be the unluckiest puppy. Suus was indeed gone...For Suus, it was nothing we could do anymore.

Please visit our page on Causes and be counted as someone who has learned about Suus. Suus is gone but not forgotten, and she stands for countless thousands of pups born to suffer in silence and die painful deaths from puppy diseases, worms, car accidents, poisoning, human cruelty and neglect, canine aggression over resources, and so on. Help us say no more to such heartbreaking sad stories. We must end the cycle of puppies born to suffer and die like this. Make Suus' death count!

Please, consider supporting the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, a campaign born out of the desire to prevent such unhappy ends. We can never take back all the pain of the animals that have suffered and died like this. But we CAN prevent more animals from having the same fate. It's within our reach.

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  1. So sad :( You're doing great work Alex, Haffner salutes you!