Monday, March 25, 2013

Short spay day in March courtesy of K-9 Angels

On March 11th, 2013 we held a short spay day at the FPCC clinic. We had a total of 9 females sterilized, including strays and owned animals. Here is our short spay day in pictures!

 Female dogs waiting their turn to be sterilized

 One pregnant cat getting sterilized

 This is what the end result looks like: a complete spay surgery (ovario-hysterectomy). The cut is tiny, less than 2 cm. Such keyhole surgeries ensure animals recover in no time, and minimize the risk of infection

 ... And this girl is slowly waking up from general anesthesia after having been spayed. In fact, many of the females we sterilize at the clinic are able to leave the clinic on their own feet (well, paws) within hours from the surgery. A simple, minimally invasive spay procedure with fast recovery, but countless benefits on the long run. Especially no more suffering unwanted pups!

A short but productive spay day made possible by the lovely K-9 Angels and friend Jean O'Donnell. Thank you so much, ladies!

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