Monday, March 18, 2013


Once there were 6 tiny newborn pups dumped with their mom on the side of the road by the forest, near the horrible Bucov pound:

Fortunately for them, some local animal rescuers took them to a safe place and started caring for them. Some of the pups were fortunate to be adopted locally, but it seemed that no one wanted the little brothers Tzitzi and Ricky and their sister Halia...

Brothers Tzitzi (in the back) and Ricky (in the front) in an improvised doggie home made out of cardboard

Unfortunately for them, the pups did not get vaccinated early enough, and they lived in an area with several other dogs. Very soon, Tzitzi started to show signs of illness and he was rushed to the vet for intensive care.

Despite best vet care, Tzitzi succumbed to what appeared to be a cocktail of parvo and distemper...

Within days, the remaining siblings Ricky and Halia also started to display early symptoms so they were rushed to the vet right away:

 Halia (left) and Ricky (right)

Ricky, started early on intravenous treatment that saved his life

Tzitzi's death in a way helped his siblings Ricky and Halia because vets knew right away what treatment to administer to the two puppies. After days in intensive care, and Halia and Ricky were recovered and healthy!

Angelic Halia is now in foster care in Holland, but...

... But brother Ricky still needs a home or foster of his own. He is an incredibly sweet and gentle puppy, always friendly and happy, and always submissive towards other doggies. He is approximately 5 months old now and will likely be medium to large sized when fully grown. He looks quite a bit like a German/Belgian Shepherd mix.

Sweet Ricky would really love to have his chance too! Can you help him?

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