Friday, March 29, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 25

On Monday, March 25th we held Day 25 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, this time directly at the FPCC vet clinic. Animal carers brought in for free sterilizations a total of 12 females (10 dogs and 2 cats). Not all animals were from Ploiesti. Some were brought in for sterilizations from villages of the greater Prahova County. This is a great pilot program in villages surrounding Ploiesti as people from the countryside learn this way about sterilizations and how great and easy it is to have your female sterilized for free, and not have to worry about puppies anymore!

 She looks sweet and puppyish, but in fact this female stray has already mothered in the streets and all her puppies have died. No more of this!

 Another lovely homeless female brought in for sterilization

 Day 25 saved the life of this female stray. Turns out she had pyometra. In the streets, without vet care, this could have killed her

 Vet Gabi Bratu sterilizing away, saving lives and preventing more suffering

 Tiny spay incision with minimal recovery time

This female is already recovered from general anesthesia and ready to leave the clinic on her own paws, accompanied by her carer

Sterilizations save lives and prevent the suffering of more innocent pups. Day 25 with 12 sterilizations, plus one emergency sterilization performed on March 21st, were made possible by a very generous friend and donor who preferred to remain anonymous. Thank you so much for your kind gift to these needy animals!

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