Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 23 courtesy of K-9 Angels

On Monday, March 18th we picked up 16 animals for free sterilizations as part of Day 23 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, a campaign born out of a most selfless and pure love and compassion for the homeless animals; a campaign with the aim to prevent as many unwanted litters as possible from being born to suffer.

Here is Day 23 pickup in pictures:

 We took for sterilization the mom of these two adorable stray puppies

 Bogdan working on earning the trust of some homeless dogs to be taken for sterilizations

 At a factory site, very many dogs needing sterilizations...

For some fearful females, the use of the humane trap was a must

Two days later, on March 20th, we returned the 16 sterilized animals back into their territories or to their carers:

 Ladies from the factory site, now sterilized

 Returned sterilized to their owners

An older owned female, now sterilized. No more pups for you, sweet lady!

Day 23 with 16 sterilizations, plus the 3 emergency sterilizations performed previously on March 12th and March 15th, were made possible by the wonderful K-9 Angels and friend Jean O'Donnell. Thank you from the heart for hearing and responding to homeless animals' cry for help in Ploiesti, Romania!

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