Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 22 courtesy of K-9 Angels

Let me tell you something about the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. I am extremely proud and motivated to run this campaign. This is RSDP's core work, this is where our heart is, in sterilizations. Doing rescue work is a priority for us also, but we'll never solve the stray dog problem only doing rescue work. If we can adopt out great animals to great families, that's super, but ALL animals MUST be sterilized first and foremost and by all means. The problem is too dramatic in Ploiesti.

This spring RSDP is really pushing the acceleration and speeding up sterilizations. We're growing bigger and stronger. People are becoming aware about our work and start asking us for help to sterilize not just stray dogs, but also owned female dogs that up to now have been breeding machines. We're really getting somewhere!

March 12th 2013: Day 22 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Today we picked up 17 females for free sterilizations. And still met puppies galore... Which motivates us to sterilize even more from now on.

 We took these pups' mom for free sterilization; they are owned, and so far the mom has been a breeding machine, giving birth to litter after litter. No more of that!

Some stray dogs required the use of the humane trap

Two days later, on March 14th, we returned the 17 sterilized females back to their owners or into their territories:

 Sterilized mom reunited with her pups

 More females happily reunited with their owners or carers

 Back in the van, other ladies waiting their turn to be returned

 As always, we fed them upon releasing them sterilized back into their territories

 As always, the sight of more suffering, needy pups motivated us to push the acceleration pedal for more sterilizations. Enough suffering is enough! Ploiesti is crying out loud with thousands of homeless dogs and pups. Nothing will ever change for the better if we don't first stop the supply of unwanted animals through mass sterilizations

The 17 females sterilized on Day 22 are super grateful to the lovely K-9 Angels and friend Jean O'Donnell who made these sterilizations possible. Thank you so much for understanding and for caring about the dire need of sterilizations in this forsaken Romanian city! Seventeen big thanks!

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