Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 21

We were recently contacted by Simona, a young animal lover from Ploiesti. Simona asked us to come to her neighborhood to pick animals for free sterilizations. So Day 21 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge was dedicated to Simona's neighborhood. It's always such good news when young caring people take action and get involved!

As a forewarning, Simona told us she had previously counted over 100 stray dogs in her area. Well, to say the least, we were really stunned when we got there. Her neighborhood had a particularly high density of stray animals, recently abandoned animals, stray moms and their pups. Even for us, Day 21 was challenging at times. It really, really, really was not easy to see so many needy dogs. Let's see Day 21 in pictures!

March 5th - picking up dogs for Day 21 of sterilizations:

 Stop 1: a local animal lover's courtyard, with many dogs and pups...

 Stop 2: an empty field with dozens of fearful stray dogs and pups

Stop 3: a factory courtyard with some abandoned dogs. Notice this guy's leg and the strange way in which it has healed following a car accident. Their suffering is simply not worth it. We sterilize away as means to prevent more dogs from being born to suffer like this

Next stops: several blocks of flats and adjacent parks; this female dog, for example, was abandoned heavily pregnant in the area, and gave birth two days later. That's precisely the reason why we also sterilize owned female dogs - so there won't be any more unwanted puppies born, plus no more females abandoned when pregnant or when having pups

Sadly, on Day 21 we got to see very many stray born and abandoned puppies... They are the main reason why we sterilize - we simply don't want any more unfortunate souls like these little guys

In the end, despite sights of dozens and dozens of animals, we could only catch 15 females. Unfortunately, several moms were still lactating and could not be taken in for sterilizations, and very many dogs were also fearful and could not be caught. We'll return with tranquilizer and try to catch them again in the near future.

Two days later, on March 7th, we returned the 15 sterilized animals back into their territories and to their carers. Here's the gang:

 Ladies in the van, waiting to be returned

 See how tiny the spay surgery incision is? This way, stray animals can recover in no time

 Happily reunited with their carers!

 Some coming back to us for a bit of petting before going back into their territories

On March 5th we took these 2 little pups with their mom to the clinic; only the mom got sterilized, but these two little boys came along because we did not want to leave them all alone in the streets for two whole days; with this occasion, the pups also got dewormed at the clinic

The 15 sterilizations of Day 21 were made possible by: Dog's Wish, Simona, Vlad, Belinda, Christina, Jean, Joanna, Silvia K, Hillegonda, Eileen Ann, Mandy, Silvia B, Ritva, Antina, Emilia, and Mariel. Thank you dearly to you all! On this occasion I'd also like to thank Ulrike, a very committed supporter of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge who donated for the 2 additional emergency sterilizations performed last week.

We are also very happy to give two really good news!
  • The lovely K-9 Angels have recently sent a donation for another 50 sterilizations! That will cover at least 3 more sterilizations days.
  • We have recently started collaborating with another vet clinic in Ploiesti for sterilizations. It's always great when we can expand our network and incorporate more good vets and simply reach out more to help. We continue to do the bulk of our sterilizations with the FPCC vet team, but engaging more good vets ultimately helps us help more animals and helps raise awareness in several neighborhoods of Ploiesti about the free sterilizations we provide. Go, Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, go!

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