Friday, March 15, 2013

February 2013 report

February has been an unbelievably productive, busy, happy and sad month for us at RSDP. We've performed dozens of sterilizations, we've sent doggies to their new homes in Holland and UK, we've rescued and helped more dogs, but we've also lost a few sweet pups...

So let's see how this February went in detail:
  • We could provide 71 free sterilizations as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. RSDP is extremely grateful to the ones who made these sterilizations possible: the lovely K-9 Angels, Help4Strays, Siri, James E., my American parents Beth and Tom, Zoe and her Newfie friends, Janice, Inge, Claudia and her human and canine family, a most wonderful secret donor and her boyfriend, and friend Ulrike, a most committed donor of our sterilization campaign. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you all for being proactive, for understanding the stray animal overpopulation and the root of the problem, for responding so generously to the great need of sterilizations in Ploiesti! 
  • We could buy 120 kilos of dry dog food for the homeless dogs we're looking after in the streets of Ploiesti, thanks to: friend Brenda, Claudia and her human and canine family, Joanne and Antina. But we were really really helped in addition with 150 kilos of dog food donated by friend Tonie and her sweet Della, plus 20 kilos donated by a local animal lover. So all in all, in February we used 290 kilos of dog food for our dear strays. Thank you!
  • February was heavy on veterinary needs... And even so, not all the ones we tried to save made it... We did lose some little pups despite our and vets' best efforts, which took a great toll on our hearts; but such is life. We provided from donations dozens of vaccines for stray pups and dogs; we could buy treatment and treat several animals for scabies/mange; we could buy lots of de-wormers and flea treatments; we could cover the temporary stay at a vet pension for 4 needy homeless pups, and pay for their treatment; we could take a dog to a vet pension in Bucharest where she'll be prepped for adoption to Sweden; and we could ship educational brochures to other places in Romania where they'll be used to enlighten the little ones with regard to humane and responsible animal treatment. 
    • I am extremely grateful to a very special donor who chose to remain anonymous. It was because of her that we could rescue and place temporarily at a vet pension plus cover the treatment for 4 sweet needy stray pups. Simply one big, kind heart who saved these pups. While we lost one of them due to illness, the other 3 are fine and well and with bright futures ahead because of this caring donor. They are alive and well because of one special person. Many thanks!
    • Everything else was generously made possible by: Nancy, Ingela, Robyn, Eileen Ann, Antina, Sue, Karine, Donna and friend Nicoleta. 
Well, that's it for our February report. Can only wish that March will be even more productive, but filled with good news only!

 Sisters Sony and Suri

 Boy Baby Bear

Sony, Suri and Baby Bear are super grateful for the chance they were given by that super special savior.

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