Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 20

On Tuesday, February 19th we drive around Ploiesti and collected 17 female animals to be sterilized on Day 20 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Day 20 was made possible by a very generous donor who chose to remain anonymous. This wonderful secret donor also covered the costs of 5 other emergency sterilizations performed directly at the FPCC clinic on February 18th. Thank you from the heart, dear donor, for having such a big heart and concern for Romanian strays!

Here is Day 20 pick up in pictures:

This was a very sweet Lab mix stray, already pregnant

This is an owned female dog with several unwanted litters born. Her owner is known for having abandoned many pups in the streets. No more of that!

The last litter of 6 pups from the owned female dog

Driving around town, we met several more abandoned pups

And another sweet female dog, currently mothering 2 teenage pups; no more births for you, sweet girl

Two days later, on February 21st, we returned the animals back into their territories or to their owners:

 Bogdan with the small mom, on the way to returning her into her territory

 We also fed the newly returned dogs

 And also ran into previously sterilized female dogs

 This female dog was sterilized about a week ago; look how well her incision has healed!

 Unfortunately, it really is not easy sometimes to drive around Ploiesti and run the Neutering Challenge; we do have our heartbreaks and setbacks also. This female dog was very fearful and it was impossible for us to catch her on February 19th in order to have her sterilized... Well, this is how we found this dog two days later on February 21st. Dead from poisoning. In an area with quite many dogs, she had been the only one killed. Very likely she was the target of selective gender killing, so she would not get to reproduce. Oh sweet girl, if only you had allowed us to catch you to have you sterilized, you would have still been alive and well...

At the end of the day, we rescued one little pup we called Baby Bear. Baby Bear is another reason why the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge exists. Baby Bear was initially part of a litter of 6 pups born to a street female in a Ploiesti suburb. On February 21st, Baby Bear was the only one from his litter still alive. His siblings had been killed either in passing traffic, or by big adult dogs patrolling the area. Literally born to suffer and die a painful death

We thank dearly the generous secret sponsor of Day 20 and of the 5 other emergency sterilizations performed directly at the vet clinic. Thank you dearly for helping a total of 22 animals not reproduce anymore! The situation is already too severe as is. We truly cannot allow any more litters to be born to end up like Baby Bear's siblings.

May the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge have many more sterilization days to come, and triumph on the long run, for animals' sake!

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