Friday, February 22, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 19

On Wednesday, February 13th, we drove around Ploiesti, collecting dogs to be sterilized on Day 19 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. We ended up collecting a total of 20 animals to be sterilized. Here's Day 19 pick up in pictures:

 At the beginning of the day we ran into Curly, a terribly sweet and friendly female dog previously sterilized by us

 Nearly half of the animals we caught were fearful and had to be caught with the humane trap

Animals in the van, waiting to be taken to the vet clinic

We encountered more stray born puppies...

A stray dog's life. A tough life, with no vet care, no security, warmth nor safety. It's not worth it to allow for more pups to be born to live such life

Two days later, on February 15th, we returned the 20 sterilized animals back into their territories:

 A small stray female. Notice the small incision from her spay surgery

 Waiting to be returned

 This female dog lived quite a drama. Her previous litter of 5 are all dead in the improvised shelter someone had built for them outside on a field. They most likely succumbed to puppy diseases. No more of this for you, sweet girl, no more pups born to suffer from you

I am simply amazed. So many of the animals upon release come back to us for a bit of affection and petting before we depart

So that was our Day 19, in which we helped 20 animals not reproduce anymore. Enough is enough. Ploiesti is crying out loud with thousands of stray dogs and puppies. We say, no more to this. Too many animals of which the vast majority were born to a life of suffering. Truly not fair for them. We cannot allow for even more pups to be born to live such lives. 

Day 19 was generously made possible by: 
  • Siri
  • K-9 Angels
  • Wouter and Help4Strays
  • James E.
  • my wonderful American parents Beth and Tom
  • Zoe Johnson and her Newfie friends
  • Janice H.
  • Inge P.
  • Claudia, her mom and her dear Happy
Thank you all for helping us sterilize another 20 needy animals! We continue our series of sterilizations until no pup will be born to be abandoned again in Ploiesti!

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