Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 18 courtesy of K-9 Angels

On February 5th we drove around Ploiesti to collect female dogs to be sterilized on Day 18 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. This time, 15 stray dogs were sterilized for free courtesy of K-9 Angels!

The day in imagines, for images speak for themselves:

This female dog and her pups are owned... But they live in a semi free-range state as the fence of their courtyard has gaps in it. We managed to persuade the owners to allow us to sterilize their female when the pups are a little older. Because of numerous such cases, education and free sterilizations are so important in Ploiesti! In effect, the stray dog problem is primarily created by such irresponsible owners who do not sterilize their female dogs nor care what happens to the resulting unwanted pups

The same mom and her pups in a video...

 One of our catchers with a stray mom and her pups...

We almost left with a female dog, when suddenly we heard noises coming from under some stairs... Only to discover there these tiny newborn pups. Turns out that female dog had just given birth to them... We left the mom there with her pups, and also left some food for her. We will return to sterilize her when the pups are old enough

The same innocent souls in a video...

Bogdan trying to earn the trust and to gently catch by hand one stray female dog

 For some fearful females we had to set up the humane trap

In the van, on their way to the clinic

Two days later, on February 7th, we returned the 15 sterilized and fully recovered animals back into their territories and to their carers who look after them in the streets. The return in pictures:

 Sterilized, recovered, with numbered ear tag, ready to be released back into their territories

 This tiny and super friendly female dog was in heat, and the owner did not want anything to do with unwanted pups; as a result, he simply abandoned her in the streets of his neighborhood... A very cruel, unethical but common practice here. We sincerely hope that now that she is sterilized, her chances to be adopted soon have increased exponentially. But the MOST important thing is that she won't get to reproduce anymore

Very friendly female dogs that, upon being returned, came back to us for a bit of petting and affection

Videos with some of the animals we sterilized and returned on Day 18

We cannot stress enough the importance of this ongoing free sterilization campaign that we provide in Ploiesti and surroundings. Thank you again, K-9 Angels, for making yet another day of sterilizations possible. The stray animals of Ploiesti and the entire community need free sterilizations for stray and owned animals like air!


  1. Tell me Alex, how much support does RAR give to you, I thought this was ongoing?

  2. Hi Action Aid for Animals,

    RAR truly helped Ploiesti a lot. In November 2011 they sponsored 100 sterilizations for Ploiesti strays. Then in 2012 they provided more than 150 free sterilizations! But RAR is asked to help all over Romania, and it's only that much they can do. There are thousands of needy dogs in every Romanian town... All of them need to be helped with free sterilizations. RAR is doing an incredible job, but the need of free sterilizations is too great everywhere and RAR can only do that much.

    Us, here, are faced with the daily horror to see abandoned puppies and pregnant stray dogs in Ploiesti. We had to do more, so we started the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. A campaign that fortunately is going really well, and we manage to sterilize many dogs in Ploiesti this way.

    RAR said last year they would try to help on an ongoing basis in Ploiesti, but depending on their financial power. I think this year they are overwhelmed with requests of help from all over Romania. And us here in Ploiesti have our heads above the waves now and can provide free sterilizations from donations.

    We cannot always count on others to do the work for us. We decided to take our chance and we were successful with this Neutering Challenge.

    Also, TNR is something that must be done on a continuous basis in a given geographic area for results to be visible on the long run. Sporadic campaigns won't give visible results. We are in Ploiesti and we stick with our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, and we work hard to manage to be able to provide ongoing sterilizations locally. We're sticking with our town, and we hope soon in the near future the Neutering Challenge will really have noticeable results: way fewer abandoned pups, way fewer stray dogs. This is our corner of the world and we're sticking with it, and hope to see the results in the coming years!