Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 16 courtesy of K-9 Angels

To begin with, I am very happy to say that K-9 Angels UK have recently donated to our organization towards 50 sterilizations of Ploiesti strays! A very generous donation that will go a long way here and help a lot. Day 16 was the first sterilization day made possible by K-9 Angels; thank you dearly!

So let's see how Day 16 went. On Monday, Jan 28th 2013, we drove around Ploiesti and collected 19 animals to be sterilized as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 16. As always, we received great support from local rescuers and carers that met us and helped us catch the dogs gently by hand. The day in pics:

 Bad weather, lots of snow, and these cardboard boxes is what many stray dogs call home

Female in left cage was in heat and harassed by males; golden female on right was sweet, but the neighborhood was unhappy with her giving birth twice a year- no more of that for you!

 More sweet female dogs collected for sterilizations

 Local rescuers that helped us catch the dogs they knew gently by hand made all the difference!

Two days later, we returned the animals back into their territories and to their carers, sterilized and recovered.

 Sterilized and with ear tag to show it, back into the arms of her carer

 Tiny sterilization cut, of 1-2 cm!

Sometimes you run across some really special dogs that stick to your heart... This female dog was unbelievably sweet and simply highly adoptable... We returned her back into her territory for now

 Luckily for her, during the 2 days she was at the clinic, her local carers managed to find this little stray dog a home! So the little lady is not going back into the street but to her home

This white dog is very happy to be back into her territory and be welcomed with food by her carer

 Two of the 4 female dogs we returned sterilized to one factory site; we also fed them before leaving

At that same place, we came across this little abandoned pup, unbelievably sweet and friendly...

Here he is again, this time in a video:
Simply a heart thief! He will steal your heart for sure

Day 16 was, to me, under the sign of kindness and responsibility. We met and received help from many responsible, loving carers of these stray dogs. These great people made all the difference. Big thanks to them!

And many thanks to K-9 Angels who made this whole day possible, as well as more sterilization days to come!

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