Friday, February 22, 2013

Life can be full of happiness

Onbe was a sweet teenage puppy abandoned in a factory courtyard some months ago. As with all abandoned animals, Onbe was terribly exposed. She discovered the hard way that some people are kind-hearted, while others are nothing but evil. Onbe, a little girl only a couple of kilos heavy, was grabbed by the neck and thrown on the ground by one of the guards of that factory, because he "enjoyed hearing the sound of dogs squealing..." Some people are that incredibly sick in Romania. And with a weak animal protection legislation that almost never gets enforced by authorities... Such animal cruelty cases are painfully prevalent in Romania.

Well, no more of that for sweet little Onbe! Her life has changed forever for the better now, as she is happily adopted in England by what I can call simply a dream family. I wish there were many more dream families like Onbe's, families willing and happy to save more Romanian strays.

Life is good now, eh, Onbe? God bless you and your wonderful family who gave you this amazing chance to the life you deserved all along!

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