Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January 2013 report

January 2013 has been an incredibly productive month for RSDP. I am really, really happy for all the things we have achieved this past month. Here's our summary:

  • We sterilized 72 animals as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge! Many, many thanks to the wonderful donors that sponsored the first 3 emergency sterilizations of the year (Natascha and Udo); Day 13 of sterilizations (Kathiy, Silvia, Linda, Laetitia who donated for Ploiesti sterilizations via Romania Animal Rescue, Jane, YuenFan, Candy, Kath, Karen, Christina, Holly, Joanne, Chatrine and Chrissy); Day 14 (Zoe Johnson and her group of friends, Eduard, Magda, Irina); Day 15 (Nancy, Marina, Jane, Carolyn,  Susanne, Francoise, Ruth, Susan, Ilonka, Mette, Caterina,Christina, Johann, Antina); and Day 16 (K-9 Angels)
  •  We could buy 190 kilos of dog food for the stray dogs and pups we look after in the streets of Ploiesti or in foster care. The animals are very grateful for this to: Claudia and Volker, Timmy and the store Dierenspeciaalzaak, Carolyn, Silvia, Susan, Ursula, Rachel and Brenda. Also, animals are grateful to a secret friend who donated 20 kilos of dog food. Many thanks to you all! 
  • As always, animals had veterinary needs: vet visits, mange treatments, vitamin and calcium supplements, vaccines, tick treatments, de-wormers, fish oil and liver aid, as well as temporary stay at the vet clinic for one needy dog. The caring people who made this possible are old pal Brian, Timmy and the store Dierenspeciaalzaak, Brenda, Claudia and her Happy, Katherine, Carolyn, Benedicte, Satu, Sue, Jenny, Caroline, Patrizia, Renee, Joe, Aennelore and Anna. Thank you from the heart!
Well, that's about our work for the month! We are happy to have received so much support from so many friends, old and new.  People who really made a difference for the Ploiesti strays this past month. Thank you!

Lucy, a needy pup that has been in our care for three months now, says hello and wants to thank you for all your help! She is one of the very many dogs you have helped this past month

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