Thursday, February 21, 2013

An amazing English gift

One month ago our sweet Mamma Della, an abandoned Sharpei mom from the streets of Ploiesti, a dog with an amazingly beautiful character, left us to start her new life in the UK. Tonie, Della's new mom, has returned this month to Romania with gifts from her and Della for the less fortunate Ploiesti strays.

We received roughly 150 kilos quality dog food and treats, sterile compresses, bandages, raincoats:

A bit of the aid received from Tonie and Della

And the cherry on top, some beautiful knitted coats for the little ones in our care:

A sample of the stunning knitted doggie clothes

Simply amazing. Such beautiful, special, useful gifts that will go a long way here and help many needy animals. 

Thank you so much, Tonie, for offering Della the wonderful life she deserves, and for also thinking of the needy animals left behind in the streets of Ploiesti! Thank you!

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