Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 20

On Tuesday, February 19th we drive around Ploiesti and collected 17 female animals to be sterilized on Day 20 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Day 20 was made possible by a very generous donor who chose to remain anonymous. This wonderful secret donor also covered the costs of 5 other emergency sterilizations performed directly at the FPCC clinic on February 18th. Thank you from the heart, dear donor, for having such a big heart and concern for Romanian strays!

Here is Day 20 pick up in pictures:

This was a very sweet Lab mix stray, already pregnant

This is an owned female dog with several unwanted litters born. Her owner is known for having abandoned many pups in the streets. No more of that!

The last litter of 6 pups from the owned female dog

Driving around town, we met several more abandoned pups

And another sweet female dog, currently mothering 2 teenage pups; no more births for you, sweet girl

Two days later, on February 21st, we returned the animals back into their territories or to their owners:

 Bogdan with the small mom, on the way to returning her into her territory

 We also fed the newly returned dogs

 And also ran into previously sterilized female dogs

 This female dog was sterilized about a week ago; look how well her incision has healed!

 Unfortunately, it really is not easy sometimes to drive around Ploiesti and run the Neutering Challenge; we do have our heartbreaks and setbacks also. This female dog was very fearful and it was impossible for us to catch her on February 19th in order to have her sterilized... Well, this is how we found this dog two days later on February 21st. Dead from poisoning. In an area with quite many dogs, she had been the only one killed. Very likely she was the target of selective gender killing, so she would not get to reproduce. Oh sweet girl, if only you had allowed us to catch you to have you sterilized, you would have still been alive and well...

At the end of the day, we rescued one little pup we called Baby Bear. Baby Bear is another reason why the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge exists. Baby Bear was initially part of a litter of 6 pups born to a street female in a Ploiesti suburb. On February 21st, Baby Bear was the only one from his litter still alive. His siblings had been killed either in passing traffic, or by big adult dogs patrolling the area. Literally born to suffer and die a painful death

We thank dearly the generous secret sponsor of Day 20 and of the 5 other emergency sterilizations performed directly at the vet clinic. Thank you dearly for helping a total of 22 animals not reproduce anymore! The situation is already too severe as is. We truly cannot allow any more litters to be born to end up like Baby Bear's siblings.

May the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge have many more sterilization days to come, and triumph on the long run, for animals' sake!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Life can be full of happiness

Onbe was a sweet teenage puppy abandoned in a factory courtyard some months ago. As with all abandoned animals, Onbe was terribly exposed. She discovered the hard way that some people are kind-hearted, while others are nothing but evil. Onbe, a little girl only a couple of kilos heavy, was grabbed by the neck and thrown on the ground by one of the guards of that factory, because he "enjoyed hearing the sound of dogs squealing..." Some people are that incredibly sick in Romania. And with a weak animal protection legislation that almost never gets enforced by authorities... Such animal cruelty cases are painfully prevalent in Romania.

Well, no more of that for sweet little Onbe! Her life has changed forever for the better now, as she is happily adopted in England by what I can call simply a dream family. I wish there were many more dream families like Onbe's, families willing and happy to save more Romanian strays.

Life is good now, eh, Onbe? God bless you and your wonderful family who gave you this amazing chance to the life you deserved all along!

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 19

On Wednesday, February 13th, we drove around Ploiesti, collecting dogs to be sterilized on Day 19 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. We ended up collecting a total of 20 animals to be sterilized. Here's Day 19 pick up in pictures:

 At the beginning of the day we ran into Curly, a terribly sweet and friendly female dog previously sterilized by us

 Nearly half of the animals we caught were fearful and had to be caught with the humane trap

Animals in the van, waiting to be taken to the vet clinic

We encountered more stray born puppies...

A stray dog's life. A tough life, with no vet care, no security, warmth nor safety. It's not worth it to allow for more pups to be born to live such life

Two days later, on February 15th, we returned the 20 sterilized animals back into their territories:

 A small stray female. Notice the small incision from her spay surgery

 Waiting to be returned

 This female dog lived quite a drama. Her previous litter of 5 are all dead in the improvised shelter someone had built for them outside on a field. They most likely succumbed to puppy diseases. No more of this for you, sweet girl, no more pups born to suffer from you

I am simply amazed. So many of the animals upon release come back to us for a bit of affection and petting before we depart

So that was our Day 19, in which we helped 20 animals not reproduce anymore. Enough is enough. Ploiesti is crying out loud with thousands of stray dogs and puppies. We say, no more to this. Too many animals of which the vast majority were born to a life of suffering. Truly not fair for them. We cannot allow for even more pups to be born to live such lives. 

Day 19 was generously made possible by: 
  • Siri
  • K-9 Angels
  • Wouter and Help4Strays
  • James E.
  • my wonderful American parents Beth and Tom
  • Zoe Johnson and her Newfie friends
  • Janice H.
  • Inge P.
  • Claudia, her mom and her dear Happy
Thank you all for helping us sterilize another 20 needy animals! We continue our series of sterilizations until no pup will be born to be abandoned again in Ploiesti!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

An amazing English gift

One month ago our sweet Mamma Della, an abandoned Sharpei mom from the streets of Ploiesti, a dog with an amazingly beautiful character, left us to start her new life in the UK. Tonie, Della's new mom, has returned this month to Romania with gifts from her and Della for the less fortunate Ploiesti strays.

We received roughly 150 kilos quality dog food and treats, sterile compresses, bandages, raincoats:

A bit of the aid received from Tonie and Della

And the cherry on top, some beautiful knitted coats for the little ones in our care:

A sample of the stunning knitted doggie clothes

Simply amazing. Such beautiful, special, useful gifts that will go a long way here and help many needy animals. 

Thank you so much, Tonie, for offering Della the wonderful life she deserves, and for also thinking of the needy animals left behind in the streets of Ploiesti! Thank you!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 18 courtesy of K-9 Angels

On February 5th we drove around Ploiesti to collect female dogs to be sterilized on Day 18 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. This time, 15 stray dogs were sterilized for free courtesy of K-9 Angels!

The day in imagines, for images speak for themselves:

This female dog and her pups are owned... But they live in a semi free-range state as the fence of their courtyard has gaps in it. We managed to persuade the owners to allow us to sterilize their female when the pups are a little older. Because of numerous such cases, education and free sterilizations are so important in Ploiesti! In effect, the stray dog problem is primarily created by such irresponsible owners who do not sterilize their female dogs nor care what happens to the resulting unwanted pups

The same mom and her pups in a video...

 One of our catchers with a stray mom and her pups...

We almost left with a female dog, when suddenly we heard noises coming from under some stairs... Only to discover there these tiny newborn pups. Turns out that female dog had just given birth to them... We left the mom there with her pups, and also left some food for her. We will return to sterilize her when the pups are old enough

The same innocent souls in a video...

Bogdan trying to earn the trust and to gently catch by hand one stray female dog

 For some fearful females we had to set up the humane trap

In the van, on their way to the clinic

Two days later, on February 7th, we returned the 15 sterilized and fully recovered animals back into their territories and to their carers who look after them in the streets. The return in pictures:

 Sterilized, recovered, with numbered ear tag, ready to be released back into their territories

 This tiny and super friendly female dog was in heat, and the owner did not want anything to do with unwanted pups; as a result, he simply abandoned her in the streets of his neighborhood... A very cruel, unethical but common practice here. We sincerely hope that now that she is sterilized, her chances to be adopted soon have increased exponentially. But the MOST important thing is that she won't get to reproduce anymore

Very friendly female dogs that, upon being returned, came back to us for a bit of petting and affection

Videos with some of the animals we sterilized and returned on Day 18

We cannot stress enough the importance of this ongoing free sterilization campaign that we provide in Ploiesti and surroundings. Thank you again, K-9 Angels, for making yet another day of sterilizations possible. The stray animals of Ploiesti and the entire community need free sterilizations for stray and owned animals like air!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 17 courtesy of K-9 Angels

On February 1st, 2013 we held Day 17 of sterilizations as part of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, this time directly at the FPCC vet clinic. Local rescuers brought in 13 animals for sterilizations sponsored by K-9 Angels. Here's a bit of the day in pictures:

Vet Gabi Bratu, the wonderful vet we hire to do top quality keyhole surgeries on our sterilization campaigns; he was trained at the Mayhew International in the UK

Abandoned as a puppy in the streets of Ploiesti, this now young female was brought in at the clinic for free sterilization

And some pregnant cats that had to be sterilized asap

 Animals getting a bit of affection from volunteers and local rescuers before getting sterilized

This little doggie is already awakened from anesthesia and can walk

A short, but productive sterilization day. Many thanks to K-9 Angels who made this possible! As for us, we'll keep on sterilizing away. Enough suffering strays and abandoned pups. We say, no more!