Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whitey update: a dog that gives back!

Remember Whitey? The young adult with broken leg, broken tail, and inflammation under his chin?

Whitey in summer of 2011... After spending a couple of years in the streets of Ploiesti. Not exactly in great shape back then. But always a sweetheart. A great temperament in a wrecked body...

Fortunately, Whitey's life has turned around for the better in a most unexpected way! At the end of 2011 he went into foster care in Holland, and was adopted into a most loving family shortly after. But Whitey does not forget where he came from and all the hardships he's been through. Whitey is grateful and thankful, and now he gives back to the society that has embraced him and given him a chance. He now has an official certification that allows him to visit an old people's retirement home and bring joy and affection to its residents. 

Whitey now:

 Life is good now, eh, Whitey?

 "For sure!," says Whitey

 And then some play with his best friend

A real win-win-win scenario. Whitey is happier in Holland and greatly loved; Ploiesti has one less suffering stray in the streets; and Holland has one more terrific dog delivering smiles and affection to the residents of a retirement home and to the family that now calls Whitey their own. A great dog that did not fail to give back in return for the chance he was given.

Thank you, Steffie, for helping Whitey find his way to the good life he deserved!

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