Friday, January 4, 2013

The little Stefesti Peasants

In mid November we responded to an urgent request for help of some very small abandoned pups in Stefesti, a village in the larger Prahova County that Ploiesti belongs to. With big efforts, off we went, and this is what we found:

 4 little pups had been abandoned in a very rural and unpopulated area, by the forest, in rainy and foggy weather

We took the little pups back with us to Ploiesti

The little pups had horrible flea and lice infestation, and underwent much needed flea baths asap

That was roughly 7 weeks ago. And because they ought to have a name, we decided to call them the Stefesti Peasants. Here are the Peasants today:

Charlie, boy, smallest of the litter, roughly 2 kilos heavy at 3+ months old, will stay very small sized

 Marnie, girl, the only one with white socks, currently 3-4 kilos heavy, will stay small sized fully grown

Barni, girl, the biggest, currently around 4 kilos heavy, will most likely also stay fairly small when fully grown

Brownie, girl, the only dark brown one of the litter, currently at 3 kilos heavy, will also stay small sized

Charlie and his 3 angels, his sweet sisters, are looking for homes. They will be able to go home in about a month. Please don't forget to share for them, so they can find wonderful forever homes soon!

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