Thursday, January 3, 2013

So much truth

I would like to share a recent facebook status of Dr. Jeffrey Young, world renown champion for spaying and neutering as the only means to solve the stray animal overpopulation. No one, no one, could say it better than him:

"After over 20 years of spay/neuter work and training and lecturing i have decided to take hard stances against all these feel good,whats in it for me groups..i will no longer work with any group that does not spend the major part of their budget on spay/neuter and education..warehousing and flying animals around the world does not, has never, and will never be a primary factor in eliminating companion animal overpopulation...I have said it for years that far to much money is used to make people feel good and does not contribute to a sustainable solution...I hope to god i never feel good in this lifetime in that we have made some great inroads but are still far away from a truly compassionate world...for animals or people...Yes, i do blame all the uniformed, just give money to any group so i can feel good about myself, save this animal in front of me at all financial cost because i am emotional weak and never look at the big picture...I promise that PPI will always work to lift people up and work on sustainable solutions that will benefit the animals and the society they live with....People take some responsibility for your actions and look before you donate and ask questions....You hold the true key to the success of reducing overpopulation of companion animals world wide...The good news is that people are more informed and eager to help in countries that only a few years ago never even had a substantial animals welfare movement...The future is bright and i hope some of you young people reading this will live to see a substantial change in companion animal overpopulation around the world..Please donate with a purpose....." (Jeffrey Young, December 30th 2012)

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