Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 15

Last week we held Day 15 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. After dropping off the 20 animals sterilized on Day 14, we proceeded with collecting 13 animals to be sterilized on Day 15 (11 dogs and 2 cats). We also had to make use of the humane trap in order to catch some very fearful female dogs that no one, not even animal lovers feeding them, could approach.

Here is Day 15 of collections in pictures:

We used the humane trap to catch a very fearful female dog, mother of a whole pack, a dog that also had a big hernia

More collected dogs from a factory site

 Several more female dogs collected for free sterilizations from another factory site (notice the many pups at that site...)

And again, using the humane trap to catch a fearful female dog

Animals were taken to the FPCC clinic, sterilized and kept for 2 days in recovery care. Then we returned them back into their territories and to their carers:

 The two cats returned on Day 15

 Good luck! And no more pups for you

 This female dog not only got sterilized on Day 15; but vet Gabi Bratu went once step further and operated this girl's hernia pro bono!

 No more pups for you

 A terribly sweet female dog, just released, coming to me for affection before going back into her territory

At the end of the day we ran into a stray mom with her stray pups. Such cases are the reason why we hold our sterilization days; so no more pups like this one above would be born to live and die in the streets

Day 15 was sponsored by many people who donated even a little bit as part of our Gimme 5! campaign. Many people that came together, gave as much as they could, but together made a whole day of sterilizations possible. Many thanks to:

- Nancy J. (donated twice!)
- Marina V.
- Jane O.
- Carolyn P.
- Susanne V.
- Francoise S.
- Ruth M. G.
- Susan H.
- Ilonka A.
- Mette P.
- Caterina L.
- Christina S.
- Johann T.
- Antina S.

Thanks to you, no more pups and kittens for 13 more animals!

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