Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 14

On January 21st I met the FPCC team and together we drove around Ploiesti, meeting local rescuers and picking up dogs for free sterilizations. We collected a total of 20 dogs (18 females and 2 males) from literally all over the town. Two days later, on January 23rd, the animals were returned back into their territories or to their carers, sterilized and fully recovered. Here's day 14 (both pickup and return) in pictures:

 We used the humane trap to catch a few very fearful female dogs

 A small, terribly sweet male pup that we ran into at a factory site; we picked up from that factory site a total of 9 female dogs to be sterilized; no more pups for them!

 Didi, half a year ago abandoned with her newborn pups near the Bucov shelter; subsequently sterilized by us. It's always good to run into animals sterilized on previous days and to see them doing well.

 Gabriela meeting us and bringing in a stray dog to be collected for free sterilization

And an elderly man who came to our van and brought us his own female dog to be sterilized for free

Two days later, we returned the animals back into their territories or to their carers:

The ladies previously caught with the humane trap; now sterilized and with ear tag to show it

Mopey and Dopey, waiting to be released back into their territory

Sterilized and with ear tag, waiting to be released

Dopey, now sterilized

 Back at the factory site, both humans and sterilized dogs were happy to be reunited

The 20 animals sterilized on Day 14 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge are super grateful to: 
- Zoe Johnson and her wonderful group of friends who collected funds towards sterilizations of Ploiesti strays!
- Mr. Eduard C. from USA
- Mrs. Magda R. who selflessly redirected some funds towards Ploiesti sterilizations
- Mrs. Irina S. from Germany

Thank you dearly for helping us sterilize 20 more animals! Hats off to you!

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