Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 13

On Friday, January 11th we held Day 13 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. This time, we paid from donations the sterilization of 17 more needy animals (9 dogs and 8 cats). Here are some of them and their brief stories:

Young female dog, recently adopted locally. This dog was abandoned as a very small puppy and it's a miracle she has made it. She was looked after for months by a caring local rescuer, and was found a home locally. She got sterilized today, so her unwanted pups would not be abandoned like she was

Small female dog in heat, found abandoned in the forest near the Bucov shelter. She had already mated, so she was definitely in the early stages of pregnancy

More female dogs waiting their turn to be sterilized

 More female dogs waiting to be sterilized

Dogs recovering from surgery

 The incision is tiny, with minimal time of recovery. Vet Gabi Bratu who does the surgeries was trained in the UK at the Mayhew to perform such tiny, keyhole surgeries for complete ovario-hysterectomies

 6 of the cats we've sterilized on Day 13

In Ploiesti and surrounding villages and townships you don't have to walk far to see enough reasons why sterilization is so important: so there won't be any more unfortunates born to suffer and live like this dog

Seventeen more animals sterilized, many more unwanted pups and kittens prevented from being born to a life of suffering. 

Thank you dearly, friends of Romanian strays, for generously donating to make Day 13 possible! The animals are very grateful to: Kathiy, Silvia, Linda, Laetitia who donated for Ploiesti sterilizations via Romania Animal Rescue, Jane, YuenFan, Candy, Kath, Karen, Christina, Holly, Joanne, Chatrine and Chrissy. From their generous donations, we also have a bit more funds left towards a new sterilization day in Ploiesti!

The more sterilization days, the fewer suffering strays! Prevention of unnecessary suffering through sterilizations is our golden rule.

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