Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life of a stray dog case study: Cinderella and her pups

Remember Cinderella, the stray dog that gave birth to 7 pups before we found her and could have her sterilized? This is from the first time I met them:

In the coming couple of months, only 2 of Cinderella's pups survived traffic accidents and deadly puppy diseases.

Well... today, only 1 pup is still alive. His sister was recently killed in traffic as well.

Darky, the only surviving pup of Cinderella

Life in the streets is exceptionally tough. These animals are born to endure blizzards, storms or scorching sun outside without a shelter; no veterinary care; no comfort, safety and security.

Such case studies are precisely the reason why RSDP focuses on sterilization campaigns. We desperately try to prevent more puppies from being born to suffer and die like this. Please, help us spay and neuter!

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