Monday, January 7, 2013

December 2012 Report

December 2012 has been a very productive month for RSDP. We were able to:
  • sterilize 18 animals, thanks to: Anett, Hilke, Pieter and Ulrike, YuenFan, Guen, Claudia and her Happy, Ulrike, Jane and her Quido, Lyn, Anja and Caroline. Thank you dearly to you all!
  • buy 250 kilos of dog and puppy food for the dozens of street dogs we look after. This was made possible by Hilke, Aj, Christina, Chris, Stefanie, Ulrike and Pieter, YuenFan, Angela, Ina, Silvia and Pauline. Thank you for helping us feed them!
  • build a second puppy enclosure at our small Puppy Center. Thank you so much, Greet and Menno! The Stefesti Peasants really like their new enclosure!
  • buy much needed vitamin and calcium supplements, de-wormers, tick and mange treatments; pay veterinary treatment for 3 puppies sick with Parvovirosis; of which 2 survived (Ricky and Halia); and vaccinate over 10 abandoned puppies currently in our care. This was made possible by Hilke, Zulma, Ulrike and Pieter, YuenFan (twice!), Ina (twice!), Sheena, Alina and Michele. Thank you so very much to you all! Also, many thanks to Gina and Shar Pei Rescue & Support Scotland for the donation for abandoned Shar Pei Della/Mamma's vaccines, eye drops, de-wormers and tick treatment.
 Pups Halia (left) and Ricky (right) have beat Parvo in December thanks to some very caring donors. Now the future looks bright for them!

A big thanks to all these wonderful people that have helped the abandoned animals in our care over the past month. Thank you so much for opening your hearts to them!

May you have a Happy New Year!

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