Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 15

Last week we held Day 15 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. After dropping off the 20 animals sterilized on Day 14, we proceeded with collecting 13 animals to be sterilized on Day 15 (11 dogs and 2 cats). We also had to make use of the humane trap in order to catch some very fearful female dogs that no one, not even animal lovers feeding them, could approach.

Here is Day 15 of collections in pictures:

We used the humane trap to catch a very fearful female dog, mother of a whole pack, a dog that also had a big hernia

More collected dogs from a factory site

 Several more female dogs collected for free sterilizations from another factory site (notice the many pups at that site...)

And again, using the humane trap to catch a fearful female dog

Animals were taken to the FPCC clinic, sterilized and kept for 2 days in recovery care. Then we returned them back into their territories and to their carers:

 The two cats returned on Day 15

 Good luck! And no more pups for you

 This female dog not only got sterilized on Day 15; but vet Gabi Bratu went once step further and operated this girl's hernia pro bono!

 No more pups for you

 A terribly sweet female dog, just released, coming to me for affection before going back into her territory

At the end of the day we ran into a stray mom with her stray pups. Such cases are the reason why we hold our sterilization days; so no more pups like this one above would be born to live and die in the streets

Day 15 was sponsored by many people who donated even a little bit as part of our Gimme 5! campaign. Many people that came together, gave as much as they could, but together made a whole day of sterilizations possible. Many thanks to:

- Nancy J. (donated twice!)
- Marina V.
- Jane O.
- Carolyn P.
- Susanne V.
- Francoise S.
- Ruth M. G.
- Susan H.
- Ilonka A.
- Mette P.
- Caterina L.
- Christina S.
- Johann T.
- Antina S.

Thanks to you, no more pups and kittens for 13 more animals!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whitey update: a dog that gives back!

Remember Whitey? The young adult with broken leg, broken tail, and inflammation under his chin?

Whitey in summer of 2011... After spending a couple of years in the streets of Ploiesti. Not exactly in great shape back then. But always a sweetheart. A great temperament in a wrecked body...

Fortunately, Whitey's life has turned around for the better in a most unexpected way! At the end of 2011 he went into foster care in Holland, and was adopted into a most loving family shortly after. But Whitey does not forget where he came from and all the hardships he's been through. Whitey is grateful and thankful, and now he gives back to the society that has embraced him and given him a chance. He now has an official certification that allows him to visit an old people's retirement home and bring joy and affection to its residents. 

Whitey now:

 Life is good now, eh, Whitey?

 "For sure!," says Whitey

 And then some play with his best friend

A real win-win-win scenario. Whitey is happier in Holland and greatly loved; Ploiesti has one less suffering stray in the streets; and Holland has one more terrific dog delivering smiles and affection to the residents of a retirement home and to the family that now calls Whitey their own. A great dog that did not fail to give back in return for the chance he was given.

Thank you, Steffie, for helping Whitey find his way to the good life he deserved!

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 14

On January 21st I met the FPCC team and together we drove around Ploiesti, meeting local rescuers and picking up dogs for free sterilizations. We collected a total of 20 dogs (18 females and 2 males) from literally all over the town. Two days later, on January 23rd, the animals were returned back into their territories or to their carers, sterilized and fully recovered. Here's day 14 (both pickup and return) in pictures:

 We used the humane trap to catch a few very fearful female dogs

 A small, terribly sweet male pup that we ran into at a factory site; we picked up from that factory site a total of 9 female dogs to be sterilized; no more pups for them!

 Didi, half a year ago abandoned with her newborn pups near the Bucov shelter; subsequently sterilized by us. It's always good to run into animals sterilized on previous days and to see them doing well.

 Gabriela meeting us and bringing in a stray dog to be collected for free sterilization

And an elderly man who came to our van and brought us his own female dog to be sterilized for free

Two days later, we returned the animals back into their territories or to their carers:

The ladies previously caught with the humane trap; now sterilized and with ear tag to show it

Mopey and Dopey, waiting to be released back into their territory

Sterilized and with ear tag, waiting to be released

Dopey, now sterilized

 Back at the factory site, both humans and sterilized dogs were happy to be reunited

The 20 animals sterilized on Day 14 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge are super grateful to: 
- Zoe Johnson and her wonderful group of friends who collected funds towards sterilizations of Ploiesti strays!
- Mr. Eduard C. from USA
- Mrs. Magda R. who selflessly redirected some funds towards Ploiesti sterilizations
- Mrs. Irina S. from Germany

Thank you dearly for helping us sterilize 20 more animals! Hats off to you!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life of a stray dog case study: Cinderella and her pups

Remember Cinderella, the stray dog that gave birth to 7 pups before we found her and could have her sterilized? This is from the first time I met them:

In the coming couple of months, only 2 of Cinderella's pups survived traffic accidents and deadly puppy diseases.

Well... today, only 1 pup is still alive. His sister was recently killed in traffic as well.

Darky, the only surviving pup of Cinderella

Life in the streets is exceptionally tough. These animals are born to endure blizzards, storms or scorching sun outside without a shelter; no veterinary care; no comfort, safety and security.

Such case studies are precisely the reason why RSDP focuses on sterilization campaigns. We desperately try to prevent more puppies from being born to suffer and die like this. Please, help us spay and neuter!

Also found at this link

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Czech gift for the Ploiesti strays

At the end of 2012 we have received an invaluable donation coming from the Czech Republic, together with hundreds of other Romanian NGOs and animal rescuers. We received from the Czech company Bochemie 3 dozen boxes of Savo Plus Gel disinfectant! For anyone working with animals and often dealing with deadly viruses such as Parvo and Distemper, such donations are acutely needed. A really necessary and thoughtful gift!

We happily shared our received goods with other NGOs, shelters and animal rescuers from Ploiesti and other cities of Romania. So the gift will reach as many animals as possible.

We are very grateful to the Czech company Bochemie who donated these products specifically to Romanian animal protection organizations; to Mrs. Carmen Arsene who assigned to our organization 3 dozen boxes of products; and to friend Laura who went a long way to collect the products for us. Thank you dearly!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 13

On Friday, January 11th we held Day 13 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. This time, we paid from donations the sterilization of 17 more needy animals (9 dogs and 8 cats). Here are some of them and their brief stories:

Young female dog, recently adopted locally. This dog was abandoned as a very small puppy and it's a miracle she has made it. She was looked after for months by a caring local rescuer, and was found a home locally. She got sterilized today, so her unwanted pups would not be abandoned like she was

Small female dog in heat, found abandoned in the forest near the Bucov shelter. She had already mated, so she was definitely in the early stages of pregnancy

More female dogs waiting their turn to be sterilized

 More female dogs waiting to be sterilized

Dogs recovering from surgery

 The incision is tiny, with minimal time of recovery. Vet Gabi Bratu who does the surgeries was trained in the UK at the Mayhew to perform such tiny, keyhole surgeries for complete ovario-hysterectomies

 6 of the cats we've sterilized on Day 13

In Ploiesti and surrounding villages and townships you don't have to walk far to see enough reasons why sterilization is so important: so there won't be any more unfortunates born to suffer and live like this dog

Seventeen more animals sterilized, many more unwanted pups and kittens prevented from being born to a life of suffering. 

Thank you dearly, friends of Romanian strays, for generously donating to make Day 13 possible! The animals are very grateful to: Kathiy, Silvia, Linda, Laetitia who donated for Ploiesti sterilizations via Romania Animal Rescue, Jane, YuenFan, Candy, Kath, Karen, Christina, Holly, Joanne, Chatrine and Chrissy. From their generous donations, we also have a bit more funds left towards a new sterilization day in Ploiesti!

The more sterilization days, the fewer suffering strays! Prevention of unnecessary suffering through sterilizations is our golden rule.