Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sometimes it's really hard... but we have faith

This weekend we drove to visit my grandparents in the countryside, a good 40-kilometer drive from Ploiesti. Best way I can describe the drive there and back would be depressing... Truly depressing because of the numerous homeless dogs and pups abandoned on the side of the road.

In effect, almost no one sterilizes their own dogs in the Romanian countryside. All too often, the unwanted pups end up on the side of the road, abandoned in nearby towns, gas stations, train stops, cemeteries, school and church courtyards, you name it; sometimes even drowned or left to die in the woods. So I say, what's the point? What's the point of allowing these pups to be born only to suffer and die a slow painful death?

We wish to put an end to all this. Very soon we start in Ploiesti our own social veterinary clinic that will focus on providing free sterilizations to owned and homeless females. Precisely because we wish to prevent future souls to be born to suffer. But we truly want to go further, to reach out more. We really want to tackle the nearby countryside of the larger Prahova County- after all, that's where most abandoned puppies come from!

Coming soon, in Ploiesti, a social veterinary clinic focusing on providing free sterilizations as means to contain the homeless animal overpopulation humanely and effectively!

We have a plan mapped out for the countryside. But for this, we would really need a mobile vet clinic- a spay station that could travel around villages in the larger Prahova County and provide free sterilizations. Because the nearby countryside is too depressing. Because we want to prevent more souls from being born to endure cold winters on the side of the road like this:

A mobile vet clinic would complement our social veterinary clinic in Ploiesti, giving us wings in the countryside. This is our dream for the rural areas surrounding Ploiesti:

A spay station, our dream for the countryside. Image taken from this web article

Can you make RSDP's vision complete? Can you please, please, please, help us with a mobile vet clinic?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Social veterinary clinic in Romania! Will you help?

Today, December 1st, is Romania's national day. Time for the young, educated, visionary spirits to spring into action and make that difference in a country that needs real change so badly. It is up to us, young members of the community still believing in our dreams and feverishly wishing for a better world, to make it happen.

RSDP has grown steadily and surely over time. We've become stronger than we ever thought we could be after the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals and the mass dog cull law voted in September. Tougher, more determined than ever before. Dead set on preventing as many pups as possible from being born to be abandoned in the streets, and be ultimately killed after a short painful life not worth living. Prevention through free sterilizations and education is our goal. Literally, preventing a world of unnecessary suffering.

We have a plan mapped out:
  • short term, we wish to rent a house where to open asap a social veterinary clinic; a clinic addressing primarily the need of free sterilizations for owned and homeless female animals as means to prevent future abandonment
    • The "parents" of our impending social veterinary clinic are: Dog's Wish and HondenBrokkenMakers from Holland, Stumme Schreie e.V. and Petops e.V. from Germany, and Barbara Valentini from Austria. Our "parents" keep on collecting much needed aid for the social veterinary clinic. So far, some of the donated aid includes metal kennels, two tables for surgeries, an xray machine, a fridge, an operation lamp. Truly incredible, generous help that will help us launch the veterinary clinic asap!
 Four nations, one thought! Austria, Germany and Holland coming together to start up a social veterinary clinic here in Ploiesti, Romania. Do you wish to become part of this dream?

  • long term, we envision starting up our very own rescue center featuring our very own social veterinary clinic
    • We are happy to announce that RSDP has recently been awarded a Dag Stiansens award of approximately 6,000 euro towards this private rescue center. Apart from being a huge honor, this significant grant will be used towards purchasing the land for the rescue center we envision to build
    • If we're lucky (and we are!), we estimate that our very own rescue center featuring a fully functional social veterinary clinic will be ready in no more than 1.5 years. We believe our work speaks for itself, and so the right support will come to make our rescue center a reality

Our "parents", Dog's Wish NL and HondenBrokkenMakers NL, Stumme Schreie e.V. GE and Petops e.V. GE, and Barbara Valentini AU, work hard for both our goals:
  • they gather much needed veterinary supplies and equipment for our social veterinary clinic to open asap in a rented house in Ploiesti
  • they raise funds so our long term goal, the private rescue center, can come to life

We are patches of hope. Austrian, Dutch, German and Romanian. Patches of hope stitched together to create the impossible for Romanian homeless strays. A world with no more suffering strays.

More than ever, it's time to spring into action. Let's make it happen!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

July 2013 Report

Am I late with updating the blog about our activity... In effect, the last few months have been possibly the busiest of my life, with little or no time to write about what we did for the animals here. This is our report about our activity in July 2013:
  • The heart of our work is sterilizations; always more sterilizations, as means to prevent more future suffering. In July 2013 we could provide a total of 73 sterilizations courtesy of some great people and organizations who truly cared to help. Thank you dearly, Dog's Wish, Timmy G and, Yuen T, Claudia K, Heather of Pure Puppy Inc, Mirjam BH, Katty G, Ioana C, Riitta UR, Ulrike M, Valarie W, Amy CJ, Eline, Susanne G, Lucie S, Maureen W, Angelika and Martin M, and unstoppable friend Toni R. Thank you from the heart!
  • In July we could buy 210 kilos of dry dog and puppy food; plus many cans of wet puppy food. Thank you dearly, HondenBrokkenMakers and friend Yuen!
  • In July we tried to help as many needy souls as possible; the usual veterinary treatments for animals in need; highlighting with baby Panda's demodex treatment plus providing free vaccines for a litter of orphan puppies whose mom succumbed to poisoning in June 2013. Thank you, Yuen, BrittMarie Z, Anne Elise A, Michaela S, Katrin K, Daisy and Robbert R, Gavin D, Emmie P, for helping us help them!
  • For me, the highlight of July 2013 was going to Holland to attend Erkemeder Hondendag, a doggie event where I could meet no less than 16 of RSDP's former rescue dogs! Such events are such a huge motivating factor, helping us Romanian rescuers move on. Also, many thanks for the wonderful gifts we have received for the strays in our care.
 Happy and surprised! Lots of Advantix tick treatment and a doggie hair trimmer, some of the gifts received from HondenBrokkenMakers on this occasion; in addition, we've received several bags with much needed aid and dog food offered by other dear friends
  •  At the end of the month we were visited by Cindy who brought us aid collected by the organization Help4Strays.Woohoo!
A bit of the aid from Help4Strays delivered by Cindy

Despite all the hardships, we had by our side friends that cared tremendously. Thank you!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Holding my head above dark waters

The second half of 2013 has been possibly the hardest, emotionally wrecking time of my life. It feels like I have aged years in only a couple of months. It was brutal times for someone who put her life and youth in the service of helping animals and reducing humanely the homeless animal overpopulation through sterilizations and education.

In June 2013 we had the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals; with hundreds of animals poisoned through the nights, or simply vanished without a trace from their neighborhoods. Even worse, not even the smallest selection whatsoever. Big or small, puppies or old adults, sterilized or not, friendly or fearful, they had the same fate.

Then September struck with the most unhappy incident of a 4-year old unsupervised toddler killed by dogs in Bucharest. Dark was only growing darker. The mass dog cull law passed, giving green light to the most atrocious acts of cruelty against animals. Countless animals from Ploiesti and all over Romania have been captured and taken to public shelters to be put to sleep after 14 days, in case no one showed up to adopt them... In reality... very many dogs were killed instantly, God knows through what methods, not even making it alive to the shelter after capture. With public shelters full of skinny dogs that don't even get fed properly since shelters know those dogs are doomed to die anyway... and authorities doing absolutely nothing to address prevention of ongoing abandonment of new dogs and pups into the streets, I can only ask myself how mad this world has become.

Yes, the last few months have been emotionally wrecking and draining for me. And also unbelievably busy, busier than ever. A typical day involved me being active from morning till as late as 9 pm, organizing and attending sterilization days, caring for the animals at our little puppy center, being at the vet clinics with animals in need. More than ever, animals needed us. Updating the blog fell way behind, with no time nor energy left for me at the end of a day's work.

But a group of unbelievably good friends helped keep my head above such dark waters. I cannot thank enough the friends and sponsors of Dog's Wish, HondenBrokkenMakers, Stumme Schreie eV, and an incredible group of friends who sacrificed a lot and made wonders trying to help us here. They have raised and transported aid to us here, they flew to Romania to help us here and fly out with dogs into safety, they opened their hearts and homes to our rescue dogs, they sponsored even more sterilizations and veterinary costs of animals in need, and most importantly, were great friends who cared to say a comforting word in gloomy times.

And then there was Panda. A child of the revolution, a puppy rescued in June by me during the June Ploiesti Siege, my moral support and an ongoing reason to laugh for me. Now a teenager happily adopted in Holland, the imagine of Panda as a baby will always stay dear to my soul, for it was an incredible emotional buffer during highly challenging times:

Dear friends and Panda baby, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us here. You've held my head above dark waters and helped me keep going. This one is from the heart, for you!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Lighting up Romania through education

Nothing can reach farther and achieve more than education. It's a fact. No one can hold the world alone on one's shoulders. One needs to share the burden. Reaching out, sharing the light of knowledge and getting others to care and help is the way to go.

Today one of our collaborating vets, Cristina, performed her very first keyhole spay surgery as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge! Our sterilized animal number 770 of this year. While she has helped our animals tremendously in the past, this is a new beginning. Vet Cristina has just completed the veterinary training camp offered by Romania Animal Rescue and held by world class veterinarian Aurelian Stefan. A young person with great morals and amazing compassion for homeless animals, now Cristina can perform keyhole spay surgeries with minimal recovery time for the animals.

Thank you, RAR, Dr A and dear sponsor who made vet Cristina's education possible at the veterinary training camp! Such great young people are truly worth investing in; it's really an investment in the betterment of needy Romanian animals.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A letter about Romania to the normal world out there

This is a day of mourning for the souls of the homeless dogs of Romania. Today, September 25th 2013, the Highest Court of Justice has deemed the mass dog cull law of September 10th to be constitutional. Therefore... this time officially, hundreds of thousands of dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments will perish... I won't explore the many cruel ways in which these animals are going to be killed in reality. I will just bitterly contemplate on the new low that my country has reached in terms of decency, responsibility and humanity. At doing the right thing, Romania is null.

We held a spay day today, another one... Because we care too much and don't want any more souls to be born only to suffer. One gentleman who brought in a female dog for free sterilization commented: "while I was waiting for the dog to get sterilized, I noticed an older man bringing 3 adorable little pups to the shelter. He said that if the shelter would not accommodate the pups, he would simply dump them in the street. I could not resist asking him why not sterilize his female dog as means to prevent this. He answered: what, you want her to get fat? And stop guarding the courtyard properly? No way!"

Similarly, another lady commented: "Both female dogs of idiot cousin of mine just had puppies, many puppies. I asked him what he would do with them. He said he'd dump them as he'd be unable to keep them all. With the cold season coming in, and he wants to dump them. What can I do? He's got no clue about sterilizations. I asked him to try to find a home for each puppy, he could not care less. "

These are Romanians. This is their pure essence when it comes to humane and responsible treatment towards animals. This is the norm in a country where normality has nothing to do with what's normal. How then... will the impending mass dog cull solve the homeless animal overpopulation? If people keep on breeding and dumping dogs in the streets like this? Twice a year, every single year... How will this monster stop? With so many reckless careless Romanians, the new law will only ensure that animals will keep on being born to be dumped to be killed. Romanian logic. Romanian decency. Romanian responsibility. The new law does nothing to promote sterilizations as means to prevent future dogs. It simply gives right to kill.

I attended a local TV show a few weeks ago regarding the mass dog cull law. I kept on talking about the importance of a mass sterilization program of all owned dogs as means to prevent subsequent abandonment into the streets. Two prominent local politicians who also attended the show said on TV that such measures of imposing sterilization of owned dogs (or owners having to pay a tax for entire dogs) were against human and animal rights...

Clearly, they see no issue concerning human and animal rights when countless beloved animals are culled in most atrocious ways, and us, the hopeless animal rescuers, are rendered powerless rag dolls having to assist this nightmare.

I would have loved to be able to say that Romania is better than this. Oh wait, we do have a saying. We have a beautiful country, too bad it's ruined by its inhabitants.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hysteria of the stupids

As you may already know, a tragic incident happened on Monday, September 2nd 2013; a tragic accident with dramatic and long term implications for Romanian stray dogs.

A little child of 4 years old was left unsupervised by his grandma for 45 minutes during their stroll in a park in Bucharest. Many things could have gone bad for a 4 year old baby left unsupervised for as long as 45 minutes. He could have been targetted by a pedophile; he could have fallen into an open sewer; he could have walked into traffic; he could have been kidnapped for the black market, for adoptions, child sex trade or for organs. Unfortunately, the little child wandered off with his 6-year old brother outside the park, into an abandoned courtyard guarded by homeless dogs acting as guard dogs of the premises. It's heartbreaking to say that the poor child was savagely attacked and killed by the pack of dogs, dogs I highly suspect of predatorial aggression; dogs that should by no means have been in the streets. According to the autopsy report, the baby's body had hundreds of bite marks, many targetted to the head and neck. I really really suspect not just territorial aggression from the dogs; I suspect full blown predatory aggression. A fairly rare form of aggression, but an extremely dangerous one. Such dogs should by no means have been left in the streets. Both humans and other dogs (it is my strong convinction that most homeless dogs are harmless and are not a threat to people) are seriously at risk when such predatorial aggressive dogs (even very few) are in the streets.

Now, the drama unfolds to unprecedented consequences... Since Monday when the dramatic incident happened, the media and authorities have inflicted a general state of hysteria in the general public. That's all you see on TV: the drama of the little baby savagely killed by ruthless homeless dogs. There is a general state of hysteria in the audience. In 2 days, the local Bucov shelter reported 1,000 phone calls from Ploiesti residents asking Bucov to come take the homeless dogs from their neighborhoods. We walk our own dogs on leash, and you see people panicking when they see your leashed dogs. I just received a phone call from a friend of mine and big animal lover who was crying: in her neighborhood, about 20 men (excuse me, Neanderthalians) were chasing with clubs a female dog reported to have biten (the biting part was unsure, some said she did, others said she did not, but what mattered was the 20 hysterical gorillas chasing her with clubs and set to kill her).

On Monday, our very own president, known to have been responsible for the atrocious killing (NOT humane euthanasia) of hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs in the past, talked against sterilizations and urged politicians to do an emergency vote for mass dog killing in Romania.

All of a sudden, because of a few seriously aggressive dogs that should by no means have been in the streets, 3 million homeless dogs are about to lose their lives; of which the vast majority is harmless and would not pose a threat to people and children. But during these times of mass hysteria, there is no place left for reasoning.

During these terrible times, no one asked the most intelligent question: why do stray dogs exist in first place? - they exist because people abandoned them as pups or as pregnant adults in the streets. By all means, a human created problem for which the victims (the dogs) are being held accountable today. It's never the human to blame...

More than ever, we are dead set on sterilizing more and more, in order to prevent more innocents from being born to a life of suffering in a country that wants to kill them anyway. With this occasion, I want to thank OIPA for kindly donating our organization a whooping 1,000 EURO that will help towards 50 more sterilizations. Especially in these super hard times, we simply cannot allow any more innocents to be born to suffer and die in torture. This time, it is THAT BAD.

If you wish to help...
  • you can donate towards more desperately needed sterilizations. One sterilization costs 21 euro, but it can prevent huge suffering of innocents that did not ask to be born. Paypal: Alternatively, bank account info is listed on the right side of our blog.
  • you can foster or adopt a homeless dog and save him from a terribly gloomy and uncertain future here in Romania. Please have a look at our adoption page or write to us for more info about other dogs. At the moment, many dogs under our care are not listed on this blog because they are still in the streets, and we could harm them by making them public
  • Please see if there is any event in your area (like a protest or brainstorming meeting) for the future of the homeless dogs of Romania. We get news that such protests are going to be in several countries, including in Netherlands in the Zwolle area. If you could get involved it would be super!

Please stay tuned!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sterilizations up to now in 2013

I'll say it out and loud, as often as I have to. Sterilizations are the heart and core of our work. Because we love animals, and because it's too many animals already suffering in the streets without the prospect of ever being adopted. We strive to end this chain of unnecessary suffering by preventing the birth of even more pups born to suffer. So we sterilize. As much as we can afford to.

Here's our work in numbers for the first 8 months of 2013:

In January-August 2013 we have sterilized a total of 636 animals; above please see the number of sterilizations by month

We aim to touch the 1,000 milestone by the end of the year. For the month of September 2013, our goal is no less than 110 sterilizations (hopefully our most productive month yet). But we need your support to make this happen.Will you help? One sterilization costs 21 euro.

Our Paypal is:
Alternatively, bank account information is listed on the right side of this blog.

A friend once wrote to me an amazing quote: "We do not want to combat the misery but we want to prevent its origin." This is precisely what we try to do.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just when I thought I had seen it all...

I consider myself to be pretty hardened and rational, but seeing this little guy today... Was tough. He's a teenage male pup of very small size, I'd say 3 kilos max. His front paws were severed by a tram ONE WEEK AGO... He was cared for by homeless people until now. Today they finally contacted one of our volunteers, and the volunteer called me about him. I told her to urge the homeless people to rush him to the vet clinic asap. He's been like this for a week...

Fortunately for him, only the right front leg is seriously affected, the bone is sticking out and will need to be amputated. Left front leg is ok, only the paw is partially affected, but he still even has some nails left! So that leg should be ok. He's at the vet now in paid pension and tomorrow he's likely to undergo amputation surgery for his right front leg.... His amputation surgery plus further vet care until he recovers will cost quite a bit... But he is young and tiny and will only lose one leg, and we really think he has his whole life ahead and can live a life worth living on only 3 legs.

Can you please help us help him? Our paypal is: Alternatively, bank account details can be found on the right side of this blog. Please mention your help is for Max.

Max really would have deserved a better start in life than to be abandoned as a pup in a highly trafficked area and endure so much pain. But this is it, and now we have to pick up the pieces and help him heal, recover and live a life worth living.

Our main focus are sterilizations in order to prevent exactly such dramas... Animals that did not ask to be born to suffer like this. But when they are already born and suffering... we simply cannot close our eyes and ears to their suffering.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June 2013 Report

June 2013 will forever be remembered in our hearts for the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals; a month in which hundreds of animals (stray or owned) were mercilessly poisoned at night time, or taken by men and never to be found alive in the local Bucov pound. Personally, I know I will never go over the June Ploiesti Siege, those animals that suffered terribly and died will always haunt me. It was a brutal month for those animals that did not ask to be born to suffer; and for us who witnessed it all and felt terribly powerless in this forsaken place. I was among the young people who would patrol the streets at night (1 AM, 3 AM, 5 AM, you name it) in order to protect our dear homeless dogs. The photo camera kindly donated by a dear friend plus a whistle were my only weapons, as I would guard my dear homeless dogs at night and keep an eye on the streets in case I'd meet the ones responsible for the Siege.

Two friendly small sized female dogs, mom and teenage daughter, mom sterilized by us, with semi owned status (would stay in a courtyard but also stray in their street) were among the hundreds of homeless animals that succumbed to painful poisoning. RIP, little angels...

While our hearts and minds were with the dogs that succumbed to the Siege on homeless animals, we still worked hard, trying to prevent more litters from being born into such a heartless world; and care for the animals already born and suffering. Here's what we managed to achieve in June 2013 thanks to kind support from animal friends:
  • In June we could provide 52 sterilizations courtesy of HondenBrokkenMakers, Leonie P, Toni R, Danny C, Timmy G and, Cheryl from Wholesale Inc, Claudia K, Yuen T, Diane W, Janice H, Ulrike M, Lucie S, Samantha H, Jannie and Pieter G, Eline and Susanne G. Thank you kindly!
  • We also managed to buy over 210 kilos of dry dog and puppy food, and many cans of wet food for the homeless animals we look after. Thank you, HondenBrokkenMakers, Ingela B and Samantha H for making this possible!
  • We could provide dozens of vaccines, vet care and paid pension for needy animals and pups, de-worming and flea treatments, all thanks to Samantha H, Sabine S, Jannie and Pieter G, Claudia K. Many thanks also to Tzitzi and Pearl's sponsors Marjolein, Robbert and Daisy for helping towards their ongoing Demodex treatments!
  • Can not thank enough friend Toni R for thinking of us in those dark times of the Siege and sending us financial support towards the expenses encountered by us, such as post mortem analyses of poisoned dogs which showed Furadan/Carbofuran poisoning had been the cause of death.
  • Unrelated to dogs, but big thanks also to Erna and Sinninghe for helping financially a poor Ploiesti human resident suffering from multiple sclerosis.
Well, that was our June 2013... Whenever I think of it, my stomach sinks... But we survived.

 To end on a happy note, here's 2 of our rescued souls, doing really well and waiting for wonderful forever homes. On the left, Tchibo Bonbon was miraculously the only dog left alive in one parking area of Ploiesti during one night of the Siege. On the right, little Panda, my moral savior during the Siege, a pup that kept me busy and made me laugh so much in times when I needed it the most

That was our June 2013. We survived.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Big, big please for a few seconds of your life

Dear friends,

We have the opportunity to win 1,000 euro towards 50 more free sterilizations for the needy animals of Ploiesti, Romania. And it's within your reach to make this happen!

Please go to:

Then click register (it takes a couple of seconds and it's free to register), then go check your email and validate your account, and then please click "vote" for our project. The whole process takes seconds, it's very fast, but it can go a long way here, helping us provide 50 more free sterilizations!

Life is painful in the streets... Spay and neuter is the only solution to prevent this nightmare for thousands of animals. And you can help for free with only a few seconds of your life!

We have also created an online Facebook event for this action:

Big, big thanks!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More sterilizations in June 2013

June 2013 was particularly tough... First, all our energies focused on the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals; on gathering information and evidence against the ones responsible for the mass poisonings; on getting animals out of harm's way. Secondly, vet Gabi Bratu and his FPCC team were away for most of the month, getting busy sterilizing in a different part of Romania. Nonetheless, apart from Day 35 and Day 36 performed by vet Gabi Bratu before his departure, in June we managed to provide 18 more emergency sterilizations at the vet clinic in town.

 Despite tough timing, we still managed to provide 18 emergency sterilizations at the vet clinic in town focusing on females in heat or pregnant

The 18 emergency sterilizations performed in June 2013 at the vet clinic in town were made possible by friends Toni R, Ulrike M, Lucie S, Samantha H, Yuen T, Jannie and Pieter G, Claudia K, Eline and Susanne G. Thank you for standing by our side in a time when we needed help the most!

New articles about Ploiesti dogs

In the last week several organizations and news outlets wrote about Romanian homeless dogs and about Ploiesti animals specifically. We are deeply grateful to them for putting Ploiesti on the map in terms of companion animal welfare and informing the world about what is happening to animals in Romania, a member of the European Union.

OIPA has recently written an article about the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals describing the mass poisoning of hundreds of dogs and cats. The highly informative article can be found at this link. Furthermore, OIPA has also started a petition addressed to the Ploiesti mayor urging against the mass poisoning campaign and for sterilizations instead. The petition can be found at this link.

Friends Nico and Smokey have also featured on the cover page of Dutch newspaper Verdieping. The internet version of this article about foreign dogs adopted into Holland can be read here.

Nico and Smokey, speaking up for Romanian companion animals

Thank you for informing the world about these animals here that did not ask to be born, yet were born anyway to a life of suffering. Here, all alone, without our foreign animal friends, we'd be too weak to mean anything. Thanks for being our voice!

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 36

Shamefully behind with updating our sterilization days, but here we go! On June 4th we picked up 14 female dogs for free sterilizations as part of our Day 36 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. It was a particularly hot day, and many scheduled dogs were out of sight, hiding under vehicles to keep cool. We managed to catch a total of 14 female dogs:

Two days later, on June 6th, we returned the 14 sterilized animals back into their territories:
 About to be released!

 A mommy, now sterilized, happily greeted upon return by her puppy from her last litter

Out of the van, glad to be brought back to her neighborhood

Day 36 of sterilizations is in honor of Ellis, now Ollie; a puppy born in Ploiesti to an owned mother, but a puppy that had to be rescued from a most severe case of neglect together with his surviving siblings; a puppy sponsored by HondenBrokkenMakers who also found him a most beautiful forever home in Holland!

Ellis, now Ollie, back in winter, the first time we met him, a skinny famished puppy happy to feed on a slice of bread: 

Same puppy, now in Holland, happily adopted via HondenBrokkenMakers:
Formerly Ellis, now Ollie, with a totally different life now in Holland

Thank you dearly, HondenBrokkenMakers, for helping us save Ollie and for finding him such a lovely family! Ollie, Day 36 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge is sponsored by HondenBrokkenMakers in your honor! Thank you kindly, HondenBrokkenMakers!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Woof, the buttons are here!

Friends Claudia and Volker had a great idea and super surprise. Now that our new logo is up, Claudia and Volker made buttons with the new logo of our organization. Here they are:

 The buttons are here!

Nikita, the model of our new logo (or, as you'd say in the fashion world, the face of RSDP), proudly presenting the new RSDP buttons

Thank you, Nikita, Claudia and Volker!

Our new organization logo!

Meet Nikita, our first ever doggie adopted abroad in the fall of 2011, now a real beauty and the "little" girl of friends Claudia and Volker:

Since she was our first adopted doggie, we made Nikita the symbol of our organization! So now we have a more meaningful logo made by Nikita's adoptive dad himself, a new logo to honor Nikita. Our successful adoptions and happy tail stories began with you, Nikita, you gave us a terrific start in our line of adoptions, so our new logo is for you:

Many thanks, Nikita, for bringing us a lot of good luck, and thank you, dear Claudia and Volker, for all your support of Romanian homeless animals!

Sharing the light of knowledge

I am writing this time a different kind of appeal. It's something very dear to my heart and highly important for the homeless animals of Ploiesti, Romania. As you may already know, some of the sterilizations performed part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge are done by a group of young female vets in town. New female graduates with their hearts in the right place, with great work ethics and morals; with great compassion for homeless animals; kids that studied hard to become vets for the right reasons. However, they are at the beginning of their careers and they still need to perfect their sterilization skills.

So I had an epiphany. What if I helped the girls get trained into doing microscopic keyhole spay surgeries? I launched an appeal on Facebook, and my friend Nancy Janes of Romania Animal Rescue came up with a great idea: let's have the girls trained to do top quality keyhole surgeries as part of the Veterinary Training Camp! This program costs 1,500 USD per vet, and so now Romania Animal Rescue is actively raising money to make these young female vets' further education possible.

Could you please help Romania Animal Rescue raise funds so the young female vets we're collaborating with can attend the Veterinary Training Camp and learn to provide five star quality sterilization surgeries? Here's the link where you can do so, and please specify the donation is for RSDP vet training or Ploiesti vet training:

Personally, I think the hardest thing is to find the right people with the right principles and morality. These young female vets are truly worth investing in. Thousands of animals from Ploiesti and surroundings would benefit from their further training!

Weeks ago, vet Cristina trying to save with me a poisoned dog in the streets of Ploiesti. A great vet and person that really deserves this chance to further her sterilization skills

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti OIPA Member League!

We are very proud and happy to communicate that our organization has recently been accepted as OIPA member league! OIPA stands for Organisation Internationale pour la Protection des Animaux and is an NGO affiliated to the United Nations Department of Public Information.

Here's the letter with the delightful news:

Thank you kindly!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 35

Time to catch up with our sterilization events from the last couple of months! On June 3rd we held Day 35 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, with 20 sterilizations (16 female dogs and 4 female cats) at the FPCC clinic on the outskirts of Ploiesti. Here's Day 35 in pics!

 Volunteers bringing in animals at the beginning of the day!

 A homeless female, already pregnant. She got sterilized for free, plus received a haircut and much needed flea and tick treatment, courtesy of RSDP donors!

 More female dogs waiting to get sterilized

 These cute little teenage pups were from an unwanted pregnancy of an owned female dog. Fortunately for them, not only they got sterilized, but local animal lovers also managed to find them homes locally, and we also covered their vaccines courtesy of our dear RSDP donors

 Sterilized, and with numbered ear tag to show it

 And the lovely cats

Outside, volunteers giving some TLC to a sweet homeless female newly abandoned in the area...

That was our work for the day, our Day 35 with 20 free sterilizations, made possible by generous donors: Leonie P, Danny C, Timmy G and, Cheryl from Wholesale Inc, Claudia K, Yuen T, Diane W and Janice H. Big, big thanks from 20 lovely animals that won't give birth anymore to more pups to continue the cycle of suffering.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dog's Wish speaks up for Romanian strays!

Dog's Wish recently spoke with Piep Vandaag, a Dutch website with animal news, about the situation of Romania's homeless companion animals; the thriving business off of dogs' suffering; but also the recent mass stray animal poisonings from several Romanian cities including Ploiesti. The article can be found at this link; a highly informative article shedding light on Romania's national stray animal problem; an article that delves deeper into how local administration mishandles stray animal overpopulation in Ploiesti.

Dog's Wish is highly familiar with Romania but also with Ploiesti specifically, having visited Ploiesti in 2012 and 2013. On both occasions Dog's Wish volunteers participated in meetings with local authorities and provided educated insights into solving the stray animal problem humanely and responsibly. Great advice and good will that unfortunately fell on authorities' deaf ears as the June Ploiesti Siege on homeless animals showed. However, this makes us even more determined to sterilize and educate more.

We are extremely grateful for Dog's Wish's help in exposing Romania's illegal and inhumane stray animal massacres. We really depend on the world out there to see, care and take a stance so that changes for the better can happen. Here, alone, unheard, we'd be too small and powerless.

 Dog's Wish and RSDP together at Erkemeder Hondendag in Holland, doing the utmost best to raise awareness about the stray animal suffering in Ploiesti and Romania in general

May 2013 Report

I know it's really late, but better late than never. The past few weeks have been crazy and beyond, and now I can finally find the time to write about RSDP's work in May of 2013.
  • In May we provided no less than 102 free sterilizations for the homeless and owned companion animals of Ploiesti and suburbs! These sterilizations were made possible courtesy of: Yuen T, Toni R the wonderful friend of cats, HondenBrokkenMakers and HEMA Puttershoek, Timmy and the store Hondenbench BE, Wouter and Help4Strays, StrayDogs Rescue NL, Eline, Melanie F, Patricia M, Joanne V N, Susana A O, Marika T, LeeAnn from Ballroom Dance Instruction, Claudia K, Mary H, Brenda, Eva-Maria S, Inge P, Ingrid R, Deborah R, Lisa SC, Jacqueline BS, Gabriele B, Katelijne, Kristin S, Sabine S, Marie FK, Claudia DD, Danny C, Alan and Debbie M, Pamela M, Kathryn W, Stephen T, Cecilia B, Anna H, Susanne G, Nacima, Ana Z, Leonie P, Elly P, Mirjam BH, Antina S and Caroline T. Big big thanks for 102 sterilizations!
  • In May we were able to purchase 190 kilos of dry dog food for the many stray dogs and pups we're looking after and also cover older debts on dog food from previous months; plus purchase wet food for the little ones; and greatly needed calcium and vitamin supplements for them. This was made possible with generous donations from: HondenBrokkenMakers, Toni R, Anastasia K, Mirjam BH, Carolyn P, Irene G, C. Reilly, Angela E, Cherie B, Meryl P, Margaret W, Myrna C, Mette P.
  • May was also a busy month in terms of veterinary needs. We provided many vaccines for dogs and pups; tick treatments; blood tests; veterinary treatments and paid veterinary pension for ill and needy animals. All these were made possible by HondenBrokkenMakers, Irene G, Sabine SP, Yuen T, Lisa H, Claudia V, Danny C. 
  • It's also worth mentioning that May 2013 has been our most productive month ever in terms of international rescues. In May, 19 of our beloved rescue dogs left for better lives in Holland, Germany and UK. I cannot thank enough the angels that helped us save them!
 Bruno in summer of 2012, an ill abandoned little pup that came into our care

 Bruno and his big tongue shortly before leaving for Holland in May of 2013, after almost one year in our care. But the great family he has now was so worth the wait!

Thank you for helping us help so many animals in May 2013!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Changing countries for lives worth living

This weekend 5 of our sweethearts flew to Holland to begin new lives; lives totally different from the ones they had here. Meet them and hear their stories:

 Last summer, Mopey was a little girl abandoned in a factory courtyard with her brother...

 Sister Mopey and brother Dopey would get along super well. They were really great pups. We had them vaccinated and sterilized, and hoped and hoped that good homes would eventually line up for them

One day we heard Mopey was adopted locally by one of the guards of that factory courtyard. We were so happy about it! Then brother Dopey also got adopted by the same guard, we were told. We were happy for them... Until we heard from another guard of that factory that in fact it was lies- in reality the first guard had simply dumped siblings Mopey and Dopey into another factory courtyard with lower stray dog density. A place where Dopey unfortunately found his death... In the new factory courtyard he was seriously hit by a car; then dumped on a field and left to die (all too common a story here... Romanians dumping suffering animals in areas out of sight for their own comfort, totally disregarding animals' suffering). Hearing the real story, we just had to rescue Mopey from that unsafe factory courtyard where her brother had been seriously injured then treated like that.

Mopey recently, a super sweet little dog, soon before starting a new life in foster care in Holland

Millie is a super sociable teenage pup we had to rescue from the streets of a nearby township on the outskirts of Ploiesti. Being terribly friendly, she would happily run to everyone for petting and some food; and often get shoo'd and kicked instead. A small dog too friendly for her own good in the tough Romanian streets. Millie is now also in foster care in Holland

In early March we heard of a case of stray little pups whose mother had been taken by dog catchers to the horrible Bucov pound (and the pups left probably to die in the street). Shortly after the mom was rescued from the pound and reunited with her pups in a safe place (turns out she was the sweetest, loveliest little dog, a dream dog, really, so we cannot imagine why dog catchers came to take her)

Months later, teenage pups Lion, Snickers and Mars were ready to go to Holland in foster care or to adoptive families (their sister Twix and mommy Loofah are already happily adopted in Holland)

Mopey, Millie, Lion, Snickers and Mars are in Holland starting this weekend. Ready to begin the good lives they deserved all along. 

We are aware adoptions won't solve the local stray animal overpopulation and their suffering. Only sterilizations and education can prevail on the long run in a community like Ploiesti with up to 8,000 homeless dogs. But sometimes we run into really tough situations; and we find ourselves unable to turn our backs to such needy dogs and pups. That's when we rescue.