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Romanian authorities and the stray dog business in Romania

Dear all,

I will re-post a message I have received from Carmen Arsene, the vice-president of the FNPA (National Federation for Animal Protection). A message that sheds light for many with regard to the stray dog business in Romania. Yes, there is such a thing as a stray dog business here, quite a lucrative one for the authorities who do not want stray dogs to stop existing, because that would mean they would run out of a substantial source of income. All, at the expense of poor animals' suffering.

Please meet the Romanian authorities as they really are, fully exposed, in Carmen Arsene's words:

"Dear all,

Some of the stray dogs extermination camps operating in Romania are already known. But the business behind them is not fully known.

"Puppy Vet" from CONSTANTA is just one example.

The dog shelter managed by this company, which I saw just a little while ago and we came in as "visitors willing to adopt" (because as official for sure we could not go or see the reality), is in fact a camp where animals die slowly of hunger, thirst and lack of veterinary care.

When you enter the so-called dog shelter in Constanta , you feel that there might even be a real dog shelter but beyond the other iron gate is the cruel reality.

In a box a body of a puppy hanging by a fence eye, in an attempt to escape he remained stuck, we do not know for how long, for anyone from the shelter did not matter. The skeletal dogs, some who could no longer stand, which had no power even to bark. Recipients with water so green that only deduce there is water inside.

In other pen a dog was lying. The catchers said he was brought a day ago, accidented by car. But the condition in which it was, proved that he had at least few days lying in that box. The lower body was full of worms. A bone seemed to be out through the skin. Sometimes he lifts his head in a desperate trying to get where the worms swarm and ate him alive but his head fall back helplessly. We did not have the right to take him! Behind him some cadavres were laying and others in adjacent box.

 Puppy Vet shelter (Constanta) - the dog eaten by worms
 "Puppy Vet" shelter (Constanta)

I called the Police, the women from the office fled the scene, and the Police was not allowed to enter the shelter !

The next day, all dogs that could constitute evidence of cruelty in Puppy Vet camp gone, it certainly killed during the night. We followed the usual path, complaints to the police and to the Sanitary Veterinary Institute (DSVSA) were we detailed presented all illegalities found. DSVSA response, that comprised a lot of stupid information just fill two pages, was ending with the classic formula "the conclusion of control made is that it is complied the animal welfare legislation".

Later, we meet again “Puppy Vet”, 600 km from Constanta , in Botosani where they caught 80 dogs and transport in a van over each other and go to Constanta . The local animal welfare association of Botosani manages to follow and then to stop the van by the police. Dogs have been returned in Botosani.

dogs from Puppy Vet's car

 Puppy Vet's car transporting 80 dogs

We find there is a contract by which Puppy Vet has sponsored Botosani city hall and also Puppy Vet promises "help" to the Botosani cityhall by capturing 1000 from Botosani and being taken to Constanta.

We also find out that City Hall Constanta signed a contract (no. 15538/2012) with “Puppy Vet” by what Puppy Vet receives 1,250,000 Euro (incl.VAT) for stray dogs management in Constanta!!!

Same story we also meet in SLATINA, where shelter was managed by the municipality, then by the “Olcon Metal”, and after revelations of huge amounts reimbursed by the municipality to this company, the cityhall closes the "mouth" of the press, cancelling the contract with “Olcon Metal” and sign another contract with “Iberia Velvet” but having the same shareholders, meaning actually the same firm but with other name!

In the shelter of Slatina in some boxes there are a piece of broken plastic container where on the bottom you can see only some muddy. The other boxes there is not even a recipient so no water. Skeletal dogs were approchead the fence when from a bag we throw some dry food. But they can not take a grain because they are too weak.

In the court of the dog shelter (that has at the entrance an announcement "Private Property") is imposing a villa, newly built, with veranda, rooms on the ground floor and first floor.

Almost never the head of the companies that manage the dog shelter in Slatina is in town; he spends his time at spa or in Istanbul or wherever money got by "managing" stray dogs takes him.

Only the huge discrepancy between the amounts allocated for management of dogs and the terrifying images after the gates of these places of horror where dogs are either killed or die from starvation, lack of water, veterinary care, would be sufficient to prove corruption and financial interests.

National Federation for Animal Protection - FNPA is currently preparing materials for instituting criminal proceedings against Puppy Vet, cityhall Slatina, Olcon Metal , Iberia Velvet.

About mafia industry built on stray dogs I talked within a reportage made by a team of national television ARD in Germany , under these cases: Botosani, Constanta , Slatina. The reportage will be broadcast on Saturday, December 8, 4:30 PM (German time) on ARD "Das Erste", Germany and also it can be viewed later at:

Thank you.
Carmen ARSENE"

Welcome to Romania.

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