Friday, December 21, 2012

Our priority, always more sterilizations

With the coming of the cold season we are all the more motivated to help animals with free sterilizations. Leaving aside the Romanian animal overpopulation, the tough Romanian winter would be too difficult to endure for pups born outside in the cold. In order to prevent their unnecessary suffering, we sterilize as many animals as we can this season.

On December 10th we held a short spay day for 6 female dogs at the nearby FPCC clinic. Their sterilization was possible with donations from Ulrike and Pieter, YuenFan, Hilke and Anett. Thank you dearly for helping these animals!

Here's some of the animals helped on December 10th:

 Above: this female dog was abandoned a couple of months ago on the side of the road with her 6 newborn puppies; now they are old enough so she could get sterilized; Below: recently abandoned German Shepherd mix that also mothered pups judging by the state of her body; some weeks ago she was found exceedingly skinny and was cared for by a volunteer

 A young female waiting for her turn to be spayed, in the arms of a volunteer

 FPCC vet Gabi Bratu operating away

Abandoned Sharpei Mamma post surgery

Awakened from the anesthesia, this female dog was taken home by one of the volunteers until she would be fully recovered from surgery and ready to be released back into her territory

6 more female dogs helped on December 10th, which increases the count of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge to 316 sterilized animals!

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