Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know it's late, but I want to write this letter to you on behalf of the Ploiesti stray animals that cannot do it for themselves. I know there are so many souls waiting for you tonight and you'll be awfully busy riding your sleigh all over the world to deliver countless gifts and much happiness, but these guys I am asking you to help this Christmas are in dire need. So please, do not forget them, because they never have it easy.

The Ploiesti strays would appreciate any bit of help towards more sterilizations so that no more pups would be born to a life of suffering in the streets. The Ploiesti strays would be happy to receive help towards dog food or vet expenses. And you bet they'd forever appreciate the chance to a good, loving home!

Let me introduce you to one of them, a dog found abandoned in the streets of Ploiesti, a dog that has been through hell and back. Her name is Mamma and she was a Sharpei abandoned in the street together with her 4 mix breed puppies. Mamma and her pups would eat and sleep in a garbage collection point. As Sharpeis do not fare well in very low temperatures, poor Mamma would always shiver outside in the cold Romanian winter. No more owner, no more comfort and warmth of her old home, no more safety, no more easy meal for her.

Mamma is now in foster care inside, in a warm and loving place, and she is happily awaited for by her adoptive mommy in the UK. For Mamma, Christmas really came!

But like Mamma, there are thousands more other needy dogs, dogs that have so little and are so deprived they would be happy to sleep and feed from garbage collection points like this:

Please, Santa. I really, really wish you will remember the Ploiesti strays this Christmas! They need you.

If you cannot pop in tonight, but still wish to help them, you can send your gifts and good wishes to our organization email and paypal address:

Thank you, Santa. Remember, they need sterilizations, food, vet care, plus loving owners. Very little can mean the world to them and make all the difference!

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