Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anni-Frid the little love machine

Anni-Frid is one of the ABBA pups found abandoned in garbage nearly 4 months ago. While brothers Benny and Bjorn have found themselves wonderful homes in Holland, little girls Anni-Frid and Agnetha are still waiting to go home.

After almost 4 months of caring for Anni-Frid, we can confidently say she's half puppy and half angel. A terribly sweet and little girl that has so much love and joyfulness to give to the world! She will also stay small to medium sized when fully grown, likely in the range of 7-9 kilos at adulthood.

But what better way to show Anni-Frid's sweet nature than through pictures and videos?

A sweet angel from the very beginning

Months ago, with brother Bjorn, her best friend

 Always affectionate and kissy, with people and other dogs

 In the fall, patiently waiting for an owner at the Puppy Center

 Winter has come at the Puppy Center and Anni-Frid still waits for that wonderful owner we have promised her

 She has a super delicate body structure, like a deer's

 Very pretty girlie with soft velvety coat

 Little Anni-Frid with pal Bruno at the Puppy Center

Anni-Frid, ready to run into the heart and home of a very special family! 

And some short videos of her:

Anni-Frid is a dream of a puppy, really wanting to go to a warm and loving home soon. Please spread the word for her so she can find her way home soon. Thank you!

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