Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A majestic heart, too good for some people

Some weeks ago a black Sharpei female was abandoned in my neighborhood of Ploiesti, Romania. She was dumped together with her 4 puppies. We assume they were discarded like this because the Sharpei mom gave birth to mixed breed pups, not pure Sharpeis, hence without financial value to the owner. The poor Sharpei mom and her pups would eat and sleep in a garbage collection point, having to fend for themselves and put up with inclement weather. Soon, the two male pups were adopted locally, but no one wanted the mom and the female pups.

Sharpei mom and her mixed breed daughters, happy to eat dog food I would bring them

At the beginning both mom and pups kept a safe distance from me. But, with time, and with the help of my own dogs, I have managed to approach the mom and gain her trust. One evening, she simply walked to me and allowed me to pet her all over her body, gently. She has trusted me and been like glue ever since. 

A friend managed to find both mom and her two female pups a local home that seemed very promising at first. The family had shown sincere interest in the dogs, and we were so happy they would not be outside in the cold any longer. We also provided them with pictures and information so they clearly knew the pups were not pure breeds like their mom. After getting mom spayed, we took the mom and pups to their new family. Unfortunately, the new family did not want the pups anymore after seeing they were without typical Sharpei folds. They even commented that the pups looked like the street dogs outside that should be "killed" in their opinion. Heartbroken and disappointed, we took both mom and her pups back. A totally failed local adoption.

We call the mom "Mamma" and she is pure gold. An unbelievably calm and gentle Sharpei that has been through a lot, yet continues to be terribly good. She comes when called, walks well on leash, and also separates dog conflicts by simply walking in between the arguing dogs. An inborn peacemaker. But it is when she comes to me for affection, when my forehead is touching her forehead, that I can feel her gentle, majestic heart.

Mamma and her pups are in foster care locally, separated, in several people's courtyards. While the pups are ok, Mamma is obviously cold outdoors and we had to improvise a doggie jacket to keep her warm:

Please, share for Mamma and her 2 mixed breed female pups. So they find their way home soon, to the good people that deserve them.

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