Monday, November 5, 2012

One truly good puppy: Quido

Quido is one of those puppies that reaches deep within your heart. They're all special, don't get me wrong, but some of them are just... Extra special. Well, such is Quido. Simply extra special.

He is about 4-4.5 months old now and he's friendly, good natured, affectionate, happy with meeting dogs old and new. And once he is fully healed from scabies and his coat fully grows back, he'll also be quite charming!

Here's a glimpse at Quido's sweet personality in the following videos:

Quido with me

Quido with dogs old and new

Quido whispered in my ear that he'd really like to be home this Christmas, and not spend the winter outside in the cold. He'll be fully prepared to go home at the end of November. Are you Quido's other half?

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  1. We are very happy that Quido is coming to live with me in the UK. x