Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November dog food drive

Please help registered charity Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti feed the street dogs of Ploiesti!

This is a bit of what we do:

Now that winter is setting in, these street dogs need nourishment more than ever in order to survive cold temperatures. We look after dozens of stray dogs and pups in the streets and feed them daily. For the rest of November we would need 5 big bags of dog food for adults, and 2 big bags of puppy food:

The economic food we buy for the street adult dogs in our care: http://www.animal-vet.ro/caini/hrana/hrana-uscata-caini-cookie-adult-cu-pui-10-kg_P577

The economic food we buy for the street pups in our care: http://www.animal-vet.ro/caini/hrana/hrana-uscata-caini-cookie-junior-10-kg_P581

Any bit of help matters for these dogs and pups now that winter has come. Please, consider providing them with a meal so they can survive. Thank you!


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